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The United States immigration law is a complex set of laws which have been amended over the last 80 years.  The last major reform in 1996 amended the immigration laws and provided a much stricter standard for admission and removal of certain foreign nationals.  It also created a ground to remove certain individuals from the United States for crimes defined as aggravated felonies.  As the immigration laws in the United States have become more complex, the need for legal assistance in pursuing visas, appearing before the immigration courts, advocating before the federal courts, providing counsel to corporations and ensuring compliance with the Immigration Act becomes more necessary than ever.

The immigration laws are further complicated by policy memoranda and guidance attempting to explain the laws.  The Department of Homeland Security prepares and publishes memorandum in its attempts to understand the provisions of the Act.  These policy memorandum generally guide the decisions of the immigration officers in determining whether the application or petition is positively adjudicated.  Regulations are also published in the Code of Federal Regulations in order to interpret the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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