Many American Companies Prefer Immigrants Over Natives

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Many American Companies Prefer Immigrants Over Natives

Many Americans think they have it easier than immigrants when it comes to employment opportunities. After all, wouldn’t a company rather hire a citizen over an immigrant who may not have the appropriate job training or language skills? Not necessarily.

A recent study shows that an increasing number of American companies are actually choosing immigrants over natives. Why? They’re easier to work, they make better employees and—probably the biggest incentive for employers—they’re willing to work for lower wages. This might be a good time for immigrants to apply for immigration visas.

Employers are choosing Asians and Hispanics over white and black people. They say that immigrants work harder and complain less than American citizens. According to the study, immigrant workers are also more reliable and on time. They are also cooperative and persistent, willing to work long hours without complaint. They also are more likely to work on dangerous or mundane tasks and less likely to complain about unsafe working environments.

Does This Hurt American Workers?

While it’s great that America has employment opportunities for those not born in this country, it comes at the expense of American workers. Even immigrants with no high school diploma are working more in the United States than American citizens at the same education level. Since there is a lot of competition for unskilled labor, this is pushing Americans out of the workforce.

To some degree, the immigrants are the ones putting themselves in harm’s way. Employees have a right to work in a safe environment and receive proper training. It’s highly unlikely that these immigrants—especially ones who do not speak or understand English well—are receiving adequate training, particularly in terms of workplace safety. Since these immigrants are more willing to work in dangerous conditions, they are putting themselves in harm’s way every day. Accidents are more common. In fact, workplace injuries and deaths are increasing among Latino workers.

U.S. Residency Based on Employment

There are five categories of workers who can seek residency in the United States based on employment. First preference goes to those with extraordinary ability in athletics, arts, business, science or education. Professors, researchers and executives also fall under this category.

The second category includes those with advanced degrees. The third category includes professionals with a college degree and skilled and unskilled workers. The fourth category is much broader and includes broadcasters, certain government employees, ministers of religion, NATO-6 civilians and foreign medical graduates. Unmarried sons, daughters and surviving spouses of international organization employees also fall under this category. The fifth category includes immigrant investors.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer Today

America really is the land of opportunity. There are many jobs to be found, even for immigrants with little schooling or training. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, learn more about the immigration process.

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