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Am I Eligible for Citizenship through Immigration?

Becoming a lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder) has many benefits, and this is the status that places…

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Why Is My Immigration Case Taking So Long?

One of the common complaints about the immigration process is it takes a long time to complete the…

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When You Really Need an Immigration Lawyer

U.S. immigration law is broad and complex, encompassing everything from issuing visas to apprehending and deporting people from…

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What It Takes to Win Asylum in the U.S.

Many fleeing persecution in their native countries find the United States to be a welcoming place. However, even…

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On What Grounds Can I Be Denied U.S. Citizenship?

Many green card holders dream of becoming U.S. citizens. However, this is not automatic because a green card…

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Options to Get U.S. Citizenship for Your Child

There are three main ways under U.S. immigration law that a U.S. citizen or immigrant parent can potentially…

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