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Roadmap to Appealing a Deportation Order

Deportation is a word that non-citizens in the United States never want to hear, but it is not…

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What is Affirmative Asylum?

Affirmative action is when someone who fears persecution in their native country applies for protection under U.S. asylum…

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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with an Immigration Lawyer

The U.S. offers multiple opportunities for immigrants. However, becoming eligible, applying for, and receiving approval for your desired…

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Haitian Nationals Now Eligible for New TPS Designation

Congress identified Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in 1990 to establish a uniform system for giving temporary protection to…

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Understanding 212(h) Waivers

The immigration system in the United States has a number of requirements for anyone wishing to enter the…

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Asylum vs. Refugee Status: What is the Difference?

Foreign nationals who leave their home country because they fear for their safety, or who are scared to…

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