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How a Criminal Offense Can Affect Immigration Status

Many things can affect a person’s immigration status, including criminal offenses. A crime committed in a person’s home…

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Penalties for Being in the United States Without Authorization

There are many penalties associated with being in the United States without proper authorization. The penalties someone will…

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Immigrants Face Unique Issues in Getting a Real ID

The Real ID Act of 2005 will soon make it mandatory to have a REAL ID-compliant form of…

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What Rights do Immigrants Have When Facing Removal?

Facing deportation is a scary thing, but it is important that anyone threatened with removal understands that they…

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Can a Permanent Resident be Deported?

Due to the name, it is natural to assume that a person with permanent resident status can remain…

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Immigration FAQs

The immigration system in the United States is extremely complex and sometimes difficult for immigrants to navigate. Regardless…

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