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What are PERM Applications?

Welcome back to the blog by the immigrant lawyers at Kriezelman Burton & Associates. This is Matt Kriezelman,…

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What is the Ten-Year Bar?

Welcome back to Kreizelman Burton & Associates’ series on immigration terms and abbreviations. I’m Erin Cobb, and we’re…

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Why do I Have to Consular Process?

Hello again, everyone. This is Erin Cobb, an immigration lawyer here at Chicago-based immigration law firm Kriezelman Burton…

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What is Consular Processing?

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Kriezelman Burton and Associates. This is Erin Cobb, a partner here at…

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What is EWI?

Hello everyone. This is Erin Cobb welcoming you back to Kriezelman Burton & Associates’ web series dedicated to…

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The Top Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer for Your Case

In the United States, you are not required to work with an immigration lawyer throughout your case, and…

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