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What is EWI?

Hello everyone. This is Erin Cobb welcoming you back to Kriezelman Burton & Associates’ web series dedicated to…

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The Top Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer for Your Case

In the United States, you are not required to work with an immigration lawyer throughout your case, and…

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Why Is My Immigration Case Taking So Long?

The immigration process in the United States is a notoriously long and arduous road. However, although you can…

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Can Your Green Card be Revoked?

Obtaining a green card is a long and difficult process, and when you finally receive one, it brings…

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Four Common Myths Surrounding Immigration

If you are an immigrant in the United States, or you would like to enter the country, you…

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How a Criminal Offense Can Affect Immigration Status

Many things can affect a person’s immigration status, including criminal offenses. A crime committed in a person’s home…

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