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How to Obtain a Green Card for Your Parents as a U.S. Citizen

Parents of U.S. citizens are classified as "immediate relatives" under U.S. immigration laws, which means there is no…

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What are the Benefits of Having a Green Card?

Next to U.S. citizenship, applying for and getting approved for a green card is the most coveted thing…

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Can You Get a Green Card if You Overstay Your Visa?

The process of changing one’s status from a nonimmigrant visa to a lawfully admitted permanent resident (green card…

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What Are the Requirements for Naturalization in the US?

Any legal permanent resident (LPR)  who has lived in the United States for a specified period and meets…

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Marrying a US Citizen – What You Should Know

We all used to “know” that marrying a US citizen made you eligible to become a US citizen…

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A Comprehensive Guide to the U.S. Citizenship Test

When applying for citizenship, you must pass the U.S Citizenship Test. The exam is one of the most…

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