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Haitian Nationals Now Eligible for New TPS Designation

Congress identified Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in 1990 to establish a uniform system for giving temporary protection to…

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Preference Categories for Family Immigration

The United States immigration process is not simple. In fact, it often takes many years to complete. Even…

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Steps to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

Someone can become a United States citizen through birth, derivation through the naturalization of a parent, or through…

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I’m Applying For My Green Card. Do I Need A Medical Exam?

The application process for a green card does include a medical exam. Though the process might seem overwhelming,…

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All You Need To Know About Employment-Based Immigration

Anyone who comes to the United States to work must have a visa or green card. Tourist visas…

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Common Reasons for Denied Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship is not always a given. There are numerous hurdles that can come up during the process…

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