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Types of Immigration Waivers and What They Mean

Although U.S. immigration law is known to be one of the most complex and strict areas of law,…

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Can I Work in the U.S. If I’m Not a Resident?

There are strict immigration compliance laws that require employers to make sure they hire only persons authorized to…

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How a Divorce Can Impact Your Non-Resident Immigration Status

Couples who marry generally contemplate spending all their lives together as a married couple, and hopefully with children…

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Reasons Your Citizenship Application Was Denied

The goal for many green card holders is to become U.S. citizens. However, becoming a U.S. citizen is…

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Employment Visas: What Are My Options?

Obtaining an employment-based visa requires proper planning and coordination between the foreign worker and the U.S. employer. Our…

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Types of Employment Visas

Many people from across the world yearn to come to America for many different reasons, but mostly because…

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