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What are Removal Proceedings?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog of Kriezelman Burton & Associates. Immigration lawyer Erin Cobb here…

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What is a Master Calendar Hearing?

Hello everyone. This is attorney Lauren McClure from Kriezelman Burton & Associates back again to explain some common…

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Penalties for Reentering the U.S. After Deportation

For immigrants, the thought of being deported is extremely frightening, and it happens every day. Immigrants can be…

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Penalties for Being in the United States Without Authorization

There are many penalties associated with being in the United States without proper authorization. The penalties someone will…

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What Rights do Immigrants Have When Facing Removal?

Facing deportation is a scary thing, but it is important that anyone threatened with removal understands that they…

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How Soon Does Deportation Happen After an Immigration Arrest?

Being arrested by immigration officers is certainly very scary. They may be talking about deporting you and in…

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