Changes to Asylum Law

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Changes to Asylum Law

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced changes to asylum law last week, as it has to do with the processing of employment authorization. The new rule, which takes effect August 25, 2020, will now require applicants to wait one full year after applying for asylum to receive an employment authorization card. The wait time previously was 150 days.  The new rule will also exclude applicants who have been convicted of crimes, or have applied for asylum more than one year after entering the United States.

Before the regulatory change takes place, those who have pending asylum cases for 150 days or more are still eligible to apply for a work permit. We urge you to apply for your work authorization if you are eligible, in order to avoid these stricter rules.

If you or a family member are interested in applying for asylum or a work permit, the attorneys at Kriezelman, Burton and Associates are available by phone or video conference to assist you. Call our office today at 312-332-2550 to schedule a consultation.


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