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Our Arlington Heights Family-Based Immigration Lawyers Have Been Reuniting Families for Over 40 Years

While many individuals migrate to the United States so that they may have a shot at the infamous “American Dream,” several find it difficult to want to stay here without their families. The American immigration process is a notoriously difficult one, with several hoops to jump through and qualifications to meet. Unfortunately, even if an individual does everything right and meets all of the stringent eligibility requirements, they may still be denied citizenship in the United States. Because of this, families either spend their entire lives separated by landmass and ocean, or the family member that moved here chooses to return to their homeland.

At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our family-based immigration lawyers believe that an individual should not have to choose between a better life and their family. With over 40 years of experience in helping families from all over the world navigate the United State’s immigration process, our Arlington Heights family-based immigration attorneys are well equipped to help you and your family members tackle whatever immigration issues should come your way. Contact our Arlington Heights, IL immigration law firm to consult with our legal team about what you need to do to reunite with your loved ones.

Who Is Eligible for a Family-Based Green Card?

Fortunately, the United States government understands the need for a close and supportive family unit. Because of this, they allow U.S. citizens to petition for the citizenship of immediate family members. Immediate family members include:

  • Spouses, including recent widows and widowers;
  • Children of U.S. citizens who are under the age of 21;
  • Parents of U.S. citizens if the citizen is over the age of 21;
  • Stepchildren and stepparents, if the marriage that created the relationship took place before the child turned 18; and
  • Adopted parents/children, if the adoption took place before the child was 16.

Unfortunately, extended family members on not on the eligibility list for family-based green card petitions. Non-eligible family members include:

  • Grandparents;
  • Cousins;
  • Aunts;
  • Uncles;
  • In-laws;
  • Nieces;
  • Nephews; and
  • Other members of the extended family.

However, many individuals are close with their grandparents, cousins, and other members of the extended family—some more so than they are with their immediate family members. If you would like to help one or more of your extended family members obtain U.S. citizenship, it is going to require extensive planning, and the help of several other family members, but it can be done. Speak with your Arlington Heights family-based immigration lawyer to learn more about how to plan for your extended family’s immigration to the U.S.

Consult with One of Our Arlington Heights, IL Family-Based Immigration Lawyers

At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our Arlington Heights family-based immigration lawyers have been reuniting families for over 40 years. The immigration process is a long and arduous one, and it can be even more so when you are doing it alone. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the process alone. With our legal assistance, you will be able to navigate the immigration process in a much smoother and quicker manner, and therefore be reunited with your family that much sooner. To speak with a legal representative regarding your Arlington Heights family-based immigration needs, contact the law offices of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC at 312-332-2550, or fill out our online contact form, to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney today.