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Entering the United States to live, work, and play is a dream for millions of people around the globe. Unfortunately, obtaining legal status in the country is not easy. The American immigration system is notoriously complex, and some even say it is broken. Seeking entry involves an extremely complicated process and for individuals facing deportation, it is not only challenging, but presents many other issues. An Arlington Heights immigration attorney can help individuals with these issues and guide them through the system with the understanding and compassion they deserve.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is one that has come under immense fire lately, and it is one that is constantly changing. Individuals who wish to still submit a DACA application, or who are in the middle of the process and want to know about their status, should speak to an Arlington Heights immigration attorney who can advise on the options available.


The United States immigration system allows people to apply for a number of different waivers. The provisional waiver of unlawful presence is one of the most common. Provisional waivers of unlawful presence are best suited for individuals that have entered the country illegally and that are married to, or children of, lawful permanent residents. Permanent residents can apply for a green card for these loved ones if they qualify, and the waiting period will be waived. Provisional waivers are also available for individuals that can show extreme hardship. Although provisional waivers are the most common type available, an Arlington Heights immigration attorney can help individuals determine which type of waiver is best for them.

Adjusting Status

There are many instances in which someone may need to adjust his or her immigration status. Family members of lawful permanent residents or American citizens may apply for a green card using the I-130 form. Refugees can also apply to change their status, and employees can ask their employers to help them adjust their status.

Employment-Based Visas

Individuals who want to enter the United States to work have a number of options. They can apply for a temporary work visa, or they may apply for an employment-based green card. All options have many different requirements that must be met, but an immigration lawyer can help individuals determine which one is best for them.


Facing deportation is the biggest fear of many immigrants. Although the situation may seem hopeless, it is not. There are many defenses available to those in fear of being deported, and an immigration lawyer will know what those are.

Our Arlington Heights Immigration Attorneys can Help With Your Case

If you dream of entering the United States, or you have already entered and now need to adjust your status, our Arlington Heights immigration attorneys can help. At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, we know the different options available for your specific situation and will explain them all, and advise on the best route to immigration for you. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.