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Arlington Heights Immigration Attorneys Assisting Clients with Their Immigration Needs for Over 40 Years

U.S. immigration law is often considered more complex than the ever-changing, ever-confusing U.S. tax code, making it increasingly difficult for individuals to earn legal temporary or permanent residency status. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our Arlington Heights immigration attorneys have a thorough understanding and intricate knowledge of U.S. immigration law, and they put it to good use by helping individuals like yourself navigate the application process and eligibility requirements necessary to earn temporary residency (green card) or nonimmigrant status (visa) with our government. Whether you seek to gain temporary status to work or go to school in our country, or whether you hope to establish a new life for you and your family here on a permanent basis, our Arlington Heights, IL immigration lawyers work hard to ensure that your case is resolved with the best possible outcome.

Helping Clients Resolve Immigration Status Issues in Arlington Heights and Around the Globe

When applying for a visa or green card, many individuals face complex challenges that they find difficult to overcome on their own. Some of the more complicated immigration issues that our Arlington Heights immigration attorneys routinely deal with are:

Additionally, we help our clients when they are faced with a denied application or risk of deportation. When individuals are denied entrance based off of an incomplete or incorrect visa or green card application, they give up in frustration, on both the process and whatever goals drove them to apply for U.S. citizenship in the first place. On the other hand, individuals who face deportation risk losing everything they worked so hard for—on top of facing civil fines and even criminal penalties.

Our Arlington Heights, IL immigration lawyers work hard for our clients to ensure that their transition into the U.S. is as smooth as possible. Our extensive knowledge of immigration law and our legal experience enable us to produce a beneficial outcome for our clients on a consistent basis.

When to Consult an Arlington Heights, IL Immigration Attorney About Your Immigration Needs

While you are not required to retain the help of an immigration lawyer, having legal counsel on your side when navigating the immigration process saves a lot of time, aggravation, and headache. Furthermore, there are some instances in which legal assistance would be highly recommended, such as when one of the following occur:

  •      You are or have ever been in court deportation proceedings;
  •      You are inadmissible;
  •      You do not understand the paperwork involved; or
  •      You encounter seemingly unnecessary delays with your application.

Without legal help, immigration issues can take months or even years to resolve. Many individuals just do not have that kind of time to spare. Whether you are applying for a work visa, are hoping to gain permanent residency status, or need to fight a deportation order, the immigration lawyers of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC have the knowledge and skills necessary to resolve your case in the most beneficial and timely way possible. To schedule a private consultation with one of our Arlington Heights immigration lawyers, call our office today at 312-332-2550, or send us an email through our online contact form available here.

Although our office is located in Arlington Heights, IL, we routinely travel to other areas throughout Illinois and the country to help individuals obtain the residency status they desire.