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Berrien County Deportation Defense Lawyer

Many foreigners in the United States face fear of deportation on a daily basis. After all, hundreds of thousands of people are deported, or sent back to their home countries, every year. Deportation can have a devastating effect on families.

Many people just accept that they will be deported, but the truth is that they can sometimes fight these removal orders. The government does make mistakes, and sometimes the wrong people are sent back home.

Staying in the United States can often protect these foreigners. Sometimes they face poverty, restrictive laws, and even torture in their home countries. Being in America can keep them and their families safe.

If you are facing deportation, there are more than a dozen defenses available to you. Contact a Berrien County immigration lawyer who can provide you with aggressive representation.

Defenses to Deportation

There are many defenses to deportation. One way to stop your deportation is to file an application for permanent residency or adjustment of status. This must be based on an improved immigrant visa petition, which is often employment-based or family-based.

Another way to stay in this country is by renewing Form I-751 Removal of Conditional Residence. If this is filed on time, it can keep deportation from happening.

A person may also be able to file a criminal or non-criminal waiver. A person can file a Cancellation of Removal for Certain Lawful Permanent Residents if they are being deported based on a criminal past. For incidents such as lying or smuggling a spouse or child into the United States, a non-criminal waiver may prevent deportation.

It is also possible for a person facing deportation to request prosecutorial discretion. This should be done in writing, with the person providing evidence to the Department of Homeland Security. This allows the government attorney to close or terminate a foreigner’s removal orders.

Some crime victims may be able to apply for a U visa. This allows the person to stay in the country, help with the criminal investigation, and obtain work authorization in the United States. If the U visa is approved, the person’s removal orders can be terminated or at least closed while the U visa is pending.

Asylum is possible in serious cases. If a person is afraid to go back to his or her home country because of fear torture or other harm, that person can find relief under the Convention Against Torture. The harm that the immigrant faces must be based on race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership in a social group.

Contact an Immigration Attorney Today

If you are facing deportation, you do not have to handle this situation on your own. There are some defenses that can help you stay in the United States.

Seek legal help from the Berrien County immigration lawyers at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC. Our aggressive lawyers will assess your case and provide you with a solid deportation defense. Call our office at (312) 332-2550 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.