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Family-based immigration is the process of petitioning for a loved one to obtain a green card or U.S. citizenship through naturalization. For example, a U.S. citizen who has a sibling in another country may be able to petition for that brother or sister’s green card and legal residency here in this country. Another example would be for a mother who has gained legal entry to the U.S. through asylum to have her young child come live with her.

Family-Based Immigration is the Best Choice for Unauthorized Immigrants

A common complaint by those who are opposed to family-based immigration, or immigrants in general, is “Why don’t they just wait in line like everybody else?” according to the American Immigration Council. This “waiting in line” method fails immigrants on multiple levels. For those who are low income or do not have a high level of education, the wait time is decades longer than those who are more fortunate. For some countries, there is a highly restricted lottery limit set for immigration—another unfair hurdle for people whose only wish is to live alongside their loved ones. Secondly, for undocumented immigrants who are already living in the U.S., there is no other method of obtaining legal residency aside from family-based immigration. As such, family-based immigration is often the best choice for immigrants who wish to live in the U.S. and the only choice for those already here.

The Time to Act is Now

Family-based immigration, which is the most frequently used to gain green cards and U.S. citizenship, has been under attack in recent years, particularly by the Trump Administration, according to Vox. Dubbed “chain migration” by opponents of family-based immigration, some politicians are painting it in a negative light, claiming that immigration decisions should be made on an individual level, not to preserve family relationships. As such, this popular method of migration used to keep families together, may not be around as we know it tomorrow. Immigration policies change rapidly, so the time to take action is now.  

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