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There are many options for people that want to enter the United States to live, work, or study. Obtaining citizenship and lawful immigration status is not easy, though. Immigration law in the United States is extremely complex and ever-changing, and one small mistake could hurt a person’s application, resulting in a denial of entry. When trying to obtain immigration status, it is important to work with the best immigration attorneys in Chicago who can give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Employment-Based Immigration

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows individuals to enter the country for work purposes on either a permanent or temporary basis. For these workers, there are many options available, including immigrant and non-immigrant visas that allow a person to legally work in the United States. 

Many employment-based immigration options require an employer already in the country to sponsor employees. Employers must typically verify an employee’s identity once they begin working in the country and ensure all workers are legally allowed in the United States. Anyone who is interested in employment-based immigration should speak to an immigration attorney in Chicago who can ensure they comply with the law.

Family-Based Immigration

Green card holders and citizens of the United States can sponsor family members that reside in a foreign country so they can gain entry. When a person is a citizen of the United States, they are able to sponsor more categories of family members and many more options are available. A United States citizen can sponsor the following individuals to enter the country:

  • Their spouse
  • Their children (unmarried and married, depending on the child’s age)
  • Their parents
  • Their siblings
  • A fiancé that is living in another country

Green card holders can only sponsor their spouse, their unmarried children that are younger than 21 years of age, and children that are married, regardless of the child’s age.

Defenses to Deportation

While the best immigration attorneys in Chicago can help people enter the country legally, they can also help anyone who is facing deportation. It is not only people that are in the country illegally that face deportation. A permanent lawful resident or visa holder may also be placed into removal proceedings if they commit a crime, commit fraud on their application for immigration, and other reasons. 

In many cases, people are under the threat of deportation even when they did nothing wrong. They may have made a simple error on their application, or law enforcement officials may have wrongfully accused them of a crime. An immigration lawyer will determine why a person is being threatened with deportation and will know the defenses available for a specific case.

Our Chicago Immigration Attorneys Can Help with Your Immigration Needs

If you, someone you love, or someone you want to work for you needs help entering the country, we are the best immigration attorneys in Chicago for your case. At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC, we know immigration law in the United States and are always keeping up to date with the ongoing changes. We want to put our knowledge to work for you and give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Call us today to schedule a consultation and to learn about your legal options.