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Employment-based immigrant visas are competitive and not always easy to come by for the workers who need them. As of now, the United States allows up to 140,000 people to receive visas each year. The reality is that this visa program requires a detailed understanding of the rules and the application process, and you should speak with a Bridgeport employment-based immigration lawyer.

The Five Preferences of Employment-Based Visas

The employment-based immigrant program is broken down into five specific preferences. Each preference has its own cap on the number of visas available. In addition, there are also caps on the number of people from each country who can receive an employment-based visa. 

Here are the five different preferences:

EB1 – The first preference accounts for just over 25% of employment-based visas. This category is described as “extraordinary workers.” There are three groupings in this category, and each of them has its own strict requirements and the necessary documentation to prove it:

  • Those with extraordinary ability in select fields
  • Outstanding professors and researchers
  • Multinational managers and executives

EB2 – Here, the applicant must already have a job offer in hand that they can prove. They should also be a professional of exceptional ability, and they must hold an advanced degree in his/her area of expertise. Alternatively, they should hold a baccalaureate degree plus 5 years of advanced experience. Historically, this was the largest category in the program.

EB3 – This category comprises 25% of available visas. These workers either have a bachelor’s degree or are unskilled workers. They need certification from the Department of Labor. 

EB4 – This is the smallest category of the five preferences, even though it can be used by a wide variety of professionals. This includes religious workers, foreign employees of the United States government, Iraqi and Afghan translators, and immigrant juveniles.

EB5 – This is a special category for foreign investors. They must invest $1,000,000 in an enterprise that employs at least ten United States citizens or legal permanent residents on a full-time basis. This could drop to $500,000 if it was a targeted employment area.

The Importance of Getting Everything Right

Employment-based visas are a great way for people without family in the United States to get into the country, but they are not always easy to get. There are a number of categories, and each has its own requirements. USCIS will look very closely at each applicant’s qualifications for the category for which they are applying. They want to know that you are what you say you are before they give you a visa. There is a way to present your information that makes it easier for USCIS to verify, and an attorney can help with your application. There are often backlogs in the system, so it is essential to get the application correct.

Experienced Bridgeport Employment-Based Immigration Attorneys

The attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC have been helping immigrants and their families throughout the area since 1974. We can assist with complicated visa matters such as employment-based immigration. Contact us online to schedule a time to talk.