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Millions of people have the dream of entering the United States to work and start building their own American Dream. Fortunately for these individuals, there are two options. Foreign workers can obtain either a temporary work visa or an employment-based green card. Temporary work visas allow foreign workers to remain in the country for a specific amount of time, while employment-based green cards provide a person with lawful permanent resident status.

Both temporary work visas and employment-based green cards have specific requirements, so not everyone is eligible. A Chicago employment visa attorney can help individuals through the process, and help them determine if they should apply for a temporary visa, or a green card.

Common Types of U.S. Work Visas

Whether applying for a temporary work visa or an employment-based green card, there are a number of different ways for workers to enter the country. Individuals that want to work in the United States can apply for a:

  • L-1 visa
  • E1 or E2 visa
  • H-1B visa permits for temporary skilled workers
  • H-2B visa permits for temporary non-agricultural workers
  • H2-A visa, for seasonal agricultural workers
  • EB-1 Green Card
  • EB-2 Green Card Permit
  • EB-3 Green Card Permit
  • EB-4 Green Card Permit
  • Exchange Visitor Visa: J-1 visa permit

Any foreigner can apply for these types of work visas. The appropriate one for any one case will depend on the type of work the individual does, and how long they wish to work in the United States.

Employment-Based Green Cards

Individuals that have green cards in the United States but that are not yet citizens are classified as lawful permanent residents. For individuals who wish to enter the United States to work, there are a number of employment-based green cards available. These include:

  • Priority workers: Priority workers are individuals that have demonstrated great skill in the sciences, arts, education, athletics, or business sectors. Researchers, professors, executives, and managers often apply for these EB-1 green cards.
  • Professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability: Known as EB-2 green cards, individuals that apply for these must have an advanced degree, exceptional ability, or exemplary knowledge in the arts, sciences, or business.
  • Professionals or skilled workers: Individuals applying for an EB-3 visa must be a professional or skilled worker that has at least two years of experience in their field and a professional bachelor’s degree.
  • Special immigrant green card: EB-4 green cards are very specific and are appropriate for religious workers, translators for the American military, and employees or former employees of the U.S. government serving abroad.
  • Investors: Individuals that can invest at least $1,000,000 in the American workforce and can create at least ten full-time jobs can apply for an EB-5 green card.

A Chicago Employment Visa Attorney can Help With Your Case

If you are considering coming to the United States to work, there are many options available, but all application processes have the potential to become complex. At Kriezleman, Burton & Associates, LLC, our knowledgeable Chicago employment visa attorneys can help. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation and to learn how.