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Chicago Immigration Attorneys with Over 40 Years of Experience

The team of attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC has over four decades of experience helping individuals and businesses with all their immigration legal needs. Immigration law is extremely complex, and it is an area of law that is changing frequently. Any attorney who specializes in immigration law has to continually keep up to date on new developments in order to provide the best legal representation.

Immigration can be one of the most stressful legal processes since it can impact so many important areas of your life, including where you can live, if you can take a particular job, or pursue your intended business opportunity. Our attorneys provide top-notch immigration legal services and strive to give all our clients peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Comprehensive Immigration Services in Illinois

A Chicago immigration attorney can help with a variety of legal issues related to immigration topics. The attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC routinely handle a variety of cases, including:

While our office is located in Chicago, our attorneys can travel to other immigration offices and courts throughout the state and even other parts of the country to assist with your immigration needs.

Potential Pitfalls of Not Using Chicago Immigration Legal Services

Not retaining legal assistance could prove to be detrimental to your immigration case. In the event you attempt to handle the process on your own and you receive a denial on your application or a negative administrative determination, it could have adverse consequences. In some cases, you may be prohibited from entering the United States or you are at risk of being deported and permanently separated from your family members.

In the case of businesses, you could be subject to sanctions or even criminal penalties in certain situations. The fines can be hefty, and the sanctions for immigration-related mistakes can hurt your business and maybe even keep you from pursuing a new opportunity.

Skilled immigration attorneys can anticipate problems before they even occur. And, in the case where there are already issues, speaking with an immigration attorney right away can help before the problem gets even worse.

Retain an Experienced Attorney with a Chicago Immigration Legal Services Company

To keep your immigration case moving smoothly, retain a Chicago immigration law attorney. The team at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC has over 40 years of experience that they can put to work for you. Call our office at 312-332-2550 or contact us online using the form on our website.