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If you want to get your foreign family member admitted into this country, you will need to file a family immigration visa petition. Like all governmental procedures, the petition, application, and approval process is complicated and often long. Your family member will have the best chance at obtaining a Green Card and the right to stay on a family immigration visa if an experienced attorney is used to navigate the process. Just as an example, the difference between a long wait for a limited number of visas allowed each year and immediate issuance is whether the U.S. sponsor is a citizen or permanent resident. Furthermore, how close the foreign family member is to the U.S. sponsor will also control how the immigration process proceeds. Instead of trying to figure out the nuances of a technical area of law, talk to the family immigration attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, who can help you understand how the system works and how to make the process as efficient as possible. Our East Chicago family immigration attorneys are the resource you need to get through this involved process with minimal issues.

Starting the Immigration Visa Process

Since the family visa immigration system is intended to facilitate the entry of relatives into this country, the first step is determining how immediate the foreign national is, and whether the government considers him/her an immediate family member. This factor will determine whether the family visa will be eligible for immediate issuance, assuming the sponsor is a U.S. citizen, or subject to the preference system like everyone else. Outside of immediate family of U.S. citizens, other family immigration visas are limited to a specific number each year. Thus, depending upon the citizenship status of the sponsor and the degree of relation of the individual applying for a visa, a petition will be processed differently. However, permanent residents who change citizenship status while a petition is pending are eligible to move the petition to a different track.

What You Need to File

The U.S. sponsor initiates a family immigration visa request by filing a Petition for Alien Relative with the federal government. This individual must meet minimum age and residency requirements, as well as prove that he/she is able to financially support the family member. If the petition and supporting documentation is sufficient, and a visa is available, the application will be authorized and the foreign national directed to submit a variety of documents proving who they are, their financial stability, and medical history. Once the application is complete, a medical exam will be ordered, where the applicant will be tested for certain illnesses and possibly administered vaccinations.

Consulate Interview

The final step is to undergo an interview with a local U.S. consulate, who will decide if the applicant meets the criteria the U.S. government applies to foreign nationals seeking green cards. This interview is mandatory and is also usually attended by the U.S. sponsor, attorneys, and other third-party representatives.

Speak to a Family Immigration Attorney

Receiving a visa through the family visa program can take years to complete, so you do not want to get anything wrong from the beginning. Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC will use their knowledge to help you avoid the common pitfalls of immigration applications, and work to get your loved ones here as soon as possible. Contact the East Chicago family immigration firm to schedule a consultation.