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Immigration law is complicated, in part because, due to the ever-changing landscape of immigration law, there are many different legal interpretations when it comes to making decisions regarding people and businesses. Here at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we fight on behalf of our clients for just treatment so that they can lead better lives, are not separated from their families, and are able to make an honest living. Because immigration laws are in a constant state of change, our lawyers stay up to date on new laws, which is a necessity for any immigration attorney. Throughout all of our cases, we strive to not only provide the highest quality legal advice and services but to help our clients retain peace of mind.

Why Does Immigration Law Change So Often?

Immigration is a hot political topic, as anyone who follows the news knows. However, Americans are more open to the idea of immigration now than in the past few decades since polling began in 1993. Only 35% of Americans polled by Gallup are calling for lower levels of immigration (down from 65% in the 1990s), while two other Pew Research polls were at an all-time high— the percentage of Americans saying that immigration “mostly helps” the economy and the percentage of Americans saying that immigrants “strengthen [the] country with their hard work and talents,” according to The Atlantic. In fact, foreign-born residents make up 5% of Indiana’s population, according to the American Immigration Council. Regardless of more Americans being accepting of immigration, immigration laws are in a constant flux due to the polarizing nature of this topic to divide voters into their prospective political camps. New laws and changes to existing laws can sometimes make the job of an attorney challenging, which is why working with an experienced legal team is an absolute necessity.

Our Attorneys Offer Comprehensive Immigration Representation

Here at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we handle all types of immigration cases, from green card applications to protection against removal from the U.S. We can assist you and your family with any of the following issues relating to immigration law:

  • Deportation defense;
  • Visa applications;
  • Green cards;
  • Investor visas;
  • Trader visas;
  • Violence Against Women Act;
  • Immigration appeals;
  • Political asylum;
  • Family-based immigration;
  • Employer compliance;
  • Deferred action & DACA; and
  • Visas for crime victims.

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To schedule a free consultation with the lawyers of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, call 312-332-2550. Our East Chicago immigration team handles all aspects of immigration law and is prepared to help you and your family today.