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Family Immigration Lawyer Cook County

The United States immigration system recognizes that family is important and it strives to bring loved ones together, whether they are inside of the country, or live in a foreign nation. It is for this reason that the system makes it possible for family members to sponsor or petition a loved one. Unfortunately, like every other aspect of the immigration process in the United States, this is complex and one mistake could result in a delay or denial of an application. It is for this reason that anyone wishing to help a loved one obtain legal status should work with a family immigration lawyer in Cook County.

Fiance Visas

Fiancé visas are not available for spouses or fiancés that are already in the United States, or if the couple has already gotten married. However, when a spouse resides outside of the country, the spouse that is already in the United States can file a K-1 fiancé/fiancee visa with the USCIS on their fiancé’s behalf. This may allow the spouse outside of the country to lawfully enter the United States. If the fiancé that is outside of the country also has children, those children can legally enter the country by applying for a K-2 visa.

Spouse Visas

There are many instances in which someone has married another person outside of the country, entered the United States, and then later wishes to bring their spouse into the country, as well. When this is the case, the spouse located in the United States can file a K-3 visa to bring their new spouse into the country. After this visa is filed, USCIS will investigate to determine that the marriage is valid and if they find it is, they will grant the visa. Spouses that obtain a K-3 visa are automatically eligible to apply for a green card, which gives them lawful permanent resident status.

Green Cards for Family Members in America

It is possible for individuals to help their immigrant family members secure a green card. While this is possible, there is an immense amount of documentation involved and it is important that everyone knows what documents are most important. It is just as vital that they understand how and when to file those documents so they have the best chance of success. Individuals wishing to help their family members obtain green cards also have to sign an Affidavit of Support, which is a legally binding contract submitted to USCIS.

Our Family Immigration Lawyers in Cook County are Here to Help

It is understandable that individuals living in the United States with family members living outside of the country want to bring them over so they can be reunited. Although this is possible in the United States, it is never easy. If you want to bring a family member into the country, call our Cook County family immigration lawyers at Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC. Our skilled attorneys can help you and your loved ones navigate the complex immigration system and give you the best chance of success. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.