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Going through the immigration process can often be long and tedious, sometimes taking years to complete. If you are going through the process or are contemplating getting started, then you need the services of experienced lawyers from a top immigration law firm in Chicago. Our firm focuses only on the practice of immigration law and knows how to get cases through the system efficiently and without any unnecessary delays. In some cases, we can have matters expedited and obtain quicker approvals of cases than it would normally take.

Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

This is a common question many people ask, and the answer is it depends. While one can certainly Google and find information that can help them file a petition or application to get an immigration benefit, what many find is a case can quickly get complicated and is denied for either a mistake made or something overlooked.

In some cases, one pursuing an immigration matter without the help of an experienced immigration attorney may have their case denied because they misinterpreted and misunderstood instructions they found online.

To avoid all this, it is good to at least consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can evaluate the facts and circumstances in your case to determine the best strategy for you to obtain what you seek.

What a Chicago Immigration Lawyer Can Do For you

There are many things an experienced immigration lawyer can do for you, including the following:

  • Case Evaluation

Before you embark on the immigration process, it is important for your immigration lawyer to know all the relevant information that pertains to your case. When you call or come in for your initial consultation, you will be asked questions and, when necessary, to avail certain documents for your immigration lawyer to fully evaluate your case. Once that is done, the lawyer will devise and inform you of a strategy to obtain the best outcome for your case. 

  • Document Preparation and Filing

Once the evaluation of your case is done, and a strategy is devised, then implementing that strategy will normally be the preparation and filing of required documents with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This is a critical stage because USCIS processes a staggering number of petitions and applications in the tens of thousands. For their part, individual USCIS examiners go through a large number of petitions and applications. At Kriezelman Burton, we know how to package a case for easy review and approval by the examiners.

  • Appeals

The law provides various appeal mechanisms for cases denied by the USCIS or Immigration Court. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, we have experienced immigration appeal lawyers who can appeal your case if it is denied for reasons we believe are not right or fair. Our belief is we must fight for our clients’ cases to the end with the objective of ultimately getting the best outcome possible.

Speak with Our Immigration Law Firm in Chicago

If you are in the Chicago area and need an immigration lawyer or need answers to your immigration case or issue, contact Kriezelman Burton & Associates today to confidentially discuss your case. We are based in Chicago but also handle cases in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.