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Immigration Law Firm Near Chicago

Going through the U.S. immigration process is an experience many find frustrating and daunting. The process can also take a long time, especially if the paperwork filed is incomplete or has errors. If you are already going through the process or are thinking about getting started in the Chicago area, then you need the services of one of our experienced lawyers at Kriezelman Burton & Associates

Our firm only handles immigration cases, and we know how to get cases through the system without any unnecessary delays. We are based in Chicago but also handle cases in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Reach out today for more information.

Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

A common question people ask is whether they need an immigration lawyer. The answer is that it is always wise to have the right legal help for any type of immigration case. Immigration laws, procedures, and requirements are confusing, and there is often a lot at stake in these matters. Never risk your future home, work, or other important aspects of your life by trying to handle a case alone.

You may think you have a simple and straightforward case, but once you start the process, the case can quickly get complicated and could be denied based on something you overlooked or a mistake made in the petition or application. To avoid all this, it is advisable to consult with an experienced immigration attorney from the Chicago area who can evaluate your case and determine the best strategy for you to get what you seek.

What an Immigration Lawyer Can Do For You

An experienced immigration attorney can do many things for you, including the following:

Case Evaluation

Having a complete and total understanding of your case is crucial in finding the solution you seek to resolve or address your immigration needs. At the initial consultation with an experienced immigration attorney, you will be asked questions intended to bring out useful information to best understand your case. You may also have to provide all documents in your possession that are related to your immigration situation. Once the lawyer examines the documents and gets answers to their questions, they will devise a strategy to successfully resolve or address your immigration needs.

Document Preparation and Filing

Once one of our lawyers has done the evaluation of your case and devised a strategy for you, then implementing that strategy normally requires the preparation and filing of necessary documents with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This is critical because if the paperwork is not properly completed, it could lead to delays or a total denial. With our experienced immigration lawyers and staff, you can trust all paperwork we file with USCIS is thoroughly checked to make sure it is complete and accurate.


It is inevitable that certain petitions and applications filed with USCIS will be denied for one reason or another. These denial decisions can be appealed, and we have experienced immigration appeal lawyers who can appeal your case if we believe there is a basis to file an appeal.

Consult with an Immigration Law Firm Near Chicago

If you are in the Chicago area and need an immigration lawyer, contact us today to discuss your case. The team at Kriezelman Burton & Associates can help with a wide range of immigration matters. Reach out today.