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Immigration Lawyers Near Chicago

When going through the immigration process, you will realize it takes time to complete the process, and in some cases, years. Making a mistake in your filing or missing a deadline can only make things worse by either delaying your case further or simply putting your status at risk. Our Chicago immigration lawyers at the Law Firm of Kriezelman Burton & Associates offer comprehensive immigration law services for clients in the Chicago area, so please reach out for more information today.

We exclusively focus on the practice of immigration law and keep ourselves constantly updated with new developments in this area of law that is constantly changing. Our lawyers are also dedicated to providing excellent services which are appreciated by our satisfied clients. 

The types of immigration cases we handle fall within the following broad categories:

Family-Based Immigration

U.S immigration law allows U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) to petition and have their close family members receive green cards based on their familial relationships. However, not all family members are eligible to receive family-based green cards. 

The law limits the family members who qualify for green cards basically to spouses, children, parents, and siblings of U.S. citizens and spouses and children of Green Card holders. Family members of U.S. citizens are treated differently and obtain their green cards faster than family members of Green Card holders. 

This is because cases for family members of U.S. citizens only take the normal processing time of five to 12 months, while those for family members of Green Card holders can take years because of backlogs in processing those cases.

Employment-Based Immigration

U.S employers are allowed to petition and have foreign-born workers work for them if they meet requirements set by the law. These requirements are in place to make sure U.S. workers do not sidestep hiring American workers in preference for foreign workers who they want to pay less than they would pay American workers. For this reason, there are tests in place for the employer to prove hiring foreign workers is not at the expense of American workers. 

At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, we help employers to make sure these requirements are satisfied and, more importantly, to make sure that the petitions filed by our employer clients are approved without any delay in the processing time.

Deportation and Appeals

When placed in the dreaded deportation or removal proceedings, one rightly gets worked up and worried about what the future may hold. The fear of deportation can be traumatizing for some, especially those who fear that a return to their countries could cause harm to them. At Kriezelman Burton, our priority in deportation cases is to mount the best possible defense to keep the government from deporting our deportation clients. There are various strategies we deploy depending on each individual’s facts and circumstances but what you can rest assured if you are in deportation proceedings is that our experienced deportation attorneys will do their best to keep you in this country.

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If you need help in these or any other immigration-related matters, contact our Chicago immigration lawyers to discuss your case. Although based in Chicago, we also take cases in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.