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Each year, a number of U.S. companies must bring in skilled and specialist workers from other countries in order to meet the needs of their business. However, the laws and regulations governing this process are beyond complex, and each year, more and more people are vying to take the same number of spots.

If you are an employer or individual seeking to hire a foreign worker, our attorneys can help answer any and all questions and handle the process for you so that you can continue to run your business as smoothly as possible. Contact us today at our Kalamazoo County office to find out more.    

Employment-Based Permanent Residence Positions

One option is applying for permanent residence by filing for a labor certification with the Department of Labor. This is available for individuals who:

  • Possess an extraordinary or exceptional ability;
  • Are multinational executives and managers; and/or
  • Are outstanding professors and/or researchers.

Temporary Work Visas

Temporary work visas are also available for a number of workers each year by filing for petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. These categories include those who fall into a number of visa categories, including:

  • B Visas: Visiting temporarily for business or pleasure;
  • E-1 Treaty Trader Visas;
  • E-2 Investor Visas;
  • F-1 Visas: Aliens who plan to enroll in a language training program or become an academic student;
  • H1B Visas: Specialty occupations, DoD project workers, fashion models;
  • H2 Short-Term Visas: Agricultural and non-agricultural workers;
  • H3 Visas: Those coming for special training;
  • I Visas: Representatives of Foreign Media;
  • J Visas: Those coming to the U.S. to participate in a federal government program;
  • K-1 Visas: A fiancé of a U.S. citizen;
  • K-3 Visas: Married to a U.S. citizen and a relative has filed a petition on their behalf;
  • L Visas: Foreign employees who plan to transfer to company’s U.S. office;
  • M Visas: Those who will become academic students;
  • O Visas: For individuals of extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletics, business, education, or sciences;
  • P Visas: Athletes and performers;
  • Q Visas: for international cultural exchange;
  • R Visas: Religious workers;
  • TN Visas: Employees from Canada and Mexico employed in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)-related professions;
  • U Visas: Victims of criminal activity who had suffered substantial physical or mental abuse; and
  • V Visas: Those married to a lawful permanent resident; petition pending for at least three years.

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