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Kosciusko County Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law in the United States allows foreigners the chance to move to the United States and even become permanent residents in a number of different scenarios. No matter which one you are eligible for, the path to immigrating to America is not easy. Anyone who wishes to come to the United States should speak to a Kosciusko County immigration lawyer who can guide them through the process and ensure no complications arise that could hurt their immigration status. 


If someone in a foreign country is the spouse of an American citizen, then he or she may be eligible for permanent residency status. This classification allows foreign individuals to go through the visa application process without worrying about the preference categories or priority backlogs. If you are married to a United States citizen, one of these visas is available to you. Still, during the adjustment process, there is a lot of paperwork, bureaucracy, and interviews with government officials. This process sounds easy, but it is not. A Kosciusko County immigration lawyer can help you through it. 

Parents and Children

American citizens that are over the age of 21 can apply for an immediate visa for their parent, or a child under the age of 21 that is not married. If you have an immediate relative who has been admitted to the United States, he or she may also qualify for an adjustment of status. This can help avoid processing and lengthy delays. Obtaining a green card through an adjustment of status is a complex process, and one mistake could ruin your efforts. An attorney can help ensure that there are no errors with your application and fight for a positive outcome for your family. 

Other Family Members

Legal permanent residents and American citizens can apply for a visa for certain members of their family. It is sometimes difficult to know what family members are eligible, how to apply for a visa or a green card, and how long the process will take. An immigration lawyer can assist you throughout the entire process of bringing family members to the United States or helping those who already reside here. 

DACA Residents

In 2012 President Obama signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA. This policy allowed individuals who entered America as children to be free from the threat of deportation. They were also authorized to work in the United States. These individuals are known as Dreamers, and they had to meet certain age and education requirements. They also could not have a criminal record. Today, DACA has been revoked, leaving many in fear of their status in this country. Individuals that were in the country as DACA residents should speak to an attorney right away to determine what their options are.

Immigrating to the United States? Speak to an Immigration Lawyer in Kosciusko County

If you want to immigrate to the United States, change your status, or apply for a visa for a family member, you need help. An experienced Kosciusko County immigration lawyer at Kriezleman, Burton & Associates, LLC can provide it. We are extremely well-versed in immigration law and the never-ending changes to it. We will put our knowledge to work for you and your case so you can get the immigration status you need to live and work in the land of opportunity. Call us today or contact us online so we can begin reviewing your case.