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The United States of America has long been a beacon of hope for people throughout the world wanting to earn a better living, to live in a free society, or to give their children a better chance at success. However, the U.S. immigration system is riddled with confusing rules and constantly changing laws—all of which make it more difficult for people to gain access to citizenship, asylum, green cards, and visas. As nationalism builds in strength within the U.S. and throughout many countries in the world, immigrants are faced with even more challenges, as cruel laws are created and outward hostility toward immigrants grows more rampant.

Helping Asylum Seekers Live a Better Life

During the buildup to World War II, the U.S. turned away a ship of 935 German Jews from its borders, who had to return back to Germany. Next, it refused to accept 20,000 Jewish children, according to Vox, virtually delivering these children to Nazi death camps. Nazis ended up murdering at least six million Jews in concentration camps, many of whom could have been saved if not for the United State’s embarrassing and cruel immigration policies at the time. Now, a similar thing is happening. Immigrants from South and Central America, as well as from other impoverished areas, are fleeing war, global warming, extreme poverty, and political instability, and are being turned away. Our attorneys are here to fight for these people and will do everything in our power to help asylum seekers gain the fair treatment they deserve.  

Visas and Green Cards

The political goal of limiting U.S. access to immigrants, rooted in nationalist and racist ideologies, has backfired against Americans who voted for these policies, according to a recent study: The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy. The increase of security along the border, the stripping of civil rights from non-citizens, and the limited access to legal entry, caused the opposite of the intended effects—meaning that more South and Central Americans have stayed put in the U.S., instead of working and returning to their homelands. Unfortunately, it is still just as difficult as always to receive a green card, work visa, or citizenship. An attorney can help.

Our Lawyers are Experienced in all Matters Pertaining to Immigration Law

  • Deportation defense;
  • Visa applications;
  • Green cards;
  • Investor visas;
  • Trader visas;
  • Violence Against Women Act;
  • Immigration appeals;
  • Political asylum;
  • Family-based immigration;
  • Employer compliance;
  • Deferred action and DACA; and
  • Visas for crime victims.

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If you have been detained, are at risk of being deported, are seeking a green card or visa, or have any other immigration needs or questions, an attorney can help. We urge you to quickly contact the Lake Station immigration attorneys here at the law offices of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC for immediate assistance. Most often, the success of your endeavors lies in an experienced attorney’s hands. After all, immigrants without legal representation are statistically much worse off than those with representation when it comes to the success of their cases. Call our Lake Station law offices at 312-332-2550 today.