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Family-based immigration stands as a pivotal aspect of the United States immigration system, embodying the nation’s commitment to family unity and support. At the heart of family immigration law is the principle that strong family ties can lead to a more stable and thriving society. This legal pathway enables U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring certain family members to the United States, advocating for the reunification of families split across borders. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our team of Lexington Family Immigration Lawyers is dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of immigration laws to reunite families, reinforcing the belief that family is the foundation upon which a prosperous and vibrant community is built.

Family-Based Immigration in the United States

Family-based immigration allows for two primary categories of family members to immigrate to the United States: immediate relatives and family preference relatives. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, which include spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents of the citizen petitioners 21 years of age or older, are not subject to numerical limits, thereby facilitating a relatively quicker reunification process. On the other hand, the family preference category, which is applicable to more distant relatives of U.S. citizens and some relatives of lawful permanent residents, includes adult children (married and unmarried) and siblings of U.S. citizens, as well as the spouses and unmarried children of green card holders. This category is subject to numerical limitations, meaning that there can be significant waiting periods due to the caps on annual visas issued. Understanding these classifications and navigating the complexities of the application process requires professional legal insight, which our firm, Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, is equipped to provide with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

Services Provided

Our services encompass a broad range of family-based immigration matters, including but not limited to:

  • Guidance and representation in conditional resident status, DACA, deferred action, divorce and immigration, humanitarian reinstatement, and more.
  • Assistance with spouse/fiancé visas, juvenile petitions, marriage fraud issues, and applications under the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Assistance in navigating the immigration process through adoption and addressing concerns related to J-1 waivers and immigration counseling.

Commitment to Helping Families

We are steadfast in our commitment to providing aggressive, professional legal representation and counsel in all areas of immigration and nationality law. Recognizing the importance of family unity, our approach is rooted in empathy and compassion, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention throughout the process.

Navigating Challenges

Family-based immigration matters can present a variety of challenges, including:

  • Language Barriers: Our multilingual staff is equipped to communicate effectively with clients in multiple languages, ensuring clarity and understanding at every step.
  • Delays and Bureaucracy: With extensive knowledge of immigration law, we adeptly navigate bureaucratic hurdles to minimize delays and streamline the process.
  • Emotional Toll: We understand the emotional strain involved in immigration matters and strive to provide a supportive and reassuring environment for our clients.

Contact Us for Help

For those seeking Lexington family-based immigration lawyers, Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC offers not just legal services but a partnership founded on trust, empathy, and a deep commitment to family unity. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in overcoming the challenges of family-based immigration and turning your dreams into reality.