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Have you ever dreamed of visiting America but are not sure if you want to live there? A good way to evaluate this dream is through a temporary employment visa. Many American companies are in desperate need of skilled workers. Sometimes it is hard to find workers with a specific set of skills here in the U.S. This often leads employers to search abroad to for employees who meet their needs.

Because remote work is not always an option, sometimes employers sponsor foreign workers on a temporary basis. This allows foreign workers to come to the United States for several months or a couple years to perform necessary work duties. When their employment ends, the workers then go back to their home countries. They are not allowed to stay in the U.S. on a permanent basis.

There are multiple types of visas, though, and each has restrictions. For example, those with temporary visas can only work for the employer who petitioned them to come to the United States. The employee does not have the ability to change jobs while in this country. If you are an employer or employee, find out which visa will work best for your situation.

Types of Temporary Employment Visas

There are four main types of temporary visas. An H-1B is for professionals in specialty occupations. An H-2A is for agricultural workers. An H-2B visa is for seasonal workers outside of the agricultural industry. The L-1A and L-1B visas are for those who are already employed in foreign countries, but their employer is in some way connected to a company in the United States.

These visas are granted for a limited period of time. The H-2B visa is good for only one year at a time, while the others are good for three years. The H-1B  can be extended for up to six years, while the L-1A and L-1B visas are good for up to seven years.

In order to hire foreign workers, U.S. employers must meet some requirements. As you can imagine, there is concern about these workers from other countries taking jobs away from Americans. With so many people unemployed here in America, it does not seem fair that those from other countries would take away our jobs. Therefore, employers must look for American workers first. If the search is futile, the company must attest that there are no qualified workers in the United States before searching abroad.

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Many people dream of living in America. For those who do not qualify for a regular visa, getting a temporary employment visa may be a viable option. There are many visa options, though, so it is important that you choose the right one and follow the strict processes. One mistake can deny your application.

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