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Are you facing deportation? Or have you been denied a visa? If you are dealing with any immigration issues, it is in your own best interest to seek out the help of an experienced Merrillville immigration attorney. Without the aid of an attorney, you are at a great disadvantage, especially in today’s hostile political climate toward immigrants. The Merrillville lawyers at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC assist clients in all matters of immigration law and will be happy to take your case on today.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

No matter what your case may involve, an attorney will help your cause. However, the U.S. immigration system as a whole, which largely works against immigrants, actually denies the right to a court-appointed lawyer, unlike the criminal justice system, forgoing the Sixth Amendment, according to the American Immigration Council. This system, by design, can drastically reduce an immigrant’s chances of being treated fairly in a deportation case, for example. Even 3-year-olds are denied lawyers during their immigration hearings unless they have the finances to pay for private counsel, as reported by Slate. Legal representation has a big impact on every type of immigration case. For example, immigrants who have been detained were four times more likely to be released after a hearing than immigrants without a lawyer. Detained immigrants with a lawyer are 11 times more likely to seek relief, such as asylum relief, than those who are unrepresented.

We Offer Assistance in All Manners of Immigration Cases

Immigrants face a wide variety of issues, ranging from political asylum to consideration of DACA. You need an attorney who has experience specifically in your area of concern in order for a successful outcome. Our Merrillville immigration attorneys are trained to handle any type of immigration case, and are experienced in all of the following:

Do Not Hesitate to Call a Merrillville Immigration Attorney Today

The U.S. has some of the most anti-immigrant policies of most developed nations, and the backlog alone for green cards, for instance, can make even seemingly simple issues very complex and time intensive. In order for a successful resolution, you must rely on the support of a caring, Merrillville immigration attorney. Call 312-332-2550 to schedule a free consultation with the immigration attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC today.