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Naperville U.S. Citizenship Lawyers With Over 40 Years of Experience

Immigration law is an extremely complex area of the law as it is always changing. Unfortunately, anyone who hopes to successfully complete an application and have it approved needs to be familiar with the new and ever-changing laws. For this reason, it is recommended that such individuals hire a competent and knowledgeable immigration attorney. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our Naperville U.S. citizenship lawyers continuously stay abreast new and changing developments in the area of immigration so that we can provide our clients with the effective legal counsel that they deserve.

Compassionate Support and Unwavering Representation

We understand that the immigration process is not only long and complex, but it is also stressful and emotionally trying. You must answer dozens of questions about your health, where you will live, where you will work, and whether or not your family plans on joining you. If the answer is yes, they will be put through the excruciating interview process as well. Our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you provide all of the information necessary to gain entry without feeling as if your privacy has been violated.

In addition to remaining compassionate and helpful throughout your interview process, we will also provide representation if and when any legal issues may arise. As we’ve already stated, immigration law is extremely complex, and as such, what starts as a simple case of immigration may become something much more sinister. To help prevent these serious issues, or to help when a serious issue does arise, we specialize in the following:

  • Deportation Defense
  • Visa Application Assistance and Denials
  • Investor Visas
  • Green Cards
  • Violence Against Women Act
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Trader Visas
  • Employer Compliance
  • Deferred Action & DACA
  • Political Asylum
  • Visas for Crime Victims

Though we are based out of Chicago, our immigration attorneys routinely assist clients throughout the country. If you are interested in what our attorneys can do for you, we will gladly meet with you at an immigration office or court in the continental United States.

Why It Is So Important to Work With a Naperville Immigration Attorney

An adverse decision regarding your visa application can have significant consequences, including being barred from even entering the country. Some other negative implications include the inability to bring your family over with you or deportation. If you are a business owner and your business fails to comply with immigration laws, it could result in employer sanctions, civil fines, and even criminal penalties. To prevent any of those consequences from happening to you, work with a knowledgeable Naperville immigration attorney. They can help you avoid such problems entirely, and successfully negate ones that do arise.

Retain the Help of a Naperville Immigration Law Firm Today

Though there are no guarantees in immigration law, an experienced and informed immigration attorney can help increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. We help individuals whose lives have been put on hold awaiting a response to their visa or green card application, as well as businesses that obtain talent from out of country. Whatever your situation is, if you want to make it through the immigration process quickly and without much ado, reach out to the Naperville immigration lawyers of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC.