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The legal process to enter into and remain in the U.S. is far from easy, and presents significant complications for some foreign nationals wishing to stay here. It is natural, though, to want to help bring family members here so they can enjoy the benefits America has to offer. To facilitate this transition, the federal government has a process that is specifically designed to help citizens and permanent residents petition for the admittance of their family members into the U.S. As is generally known, though, the immigration process in this country is quite complicated, and without an experienced family immigration attorney, obtaining the legal right to remain here can be practically impossible. Furthermore, the rules for moving a family member into the U.S. vary by the status of the sponsoring individual, making compliance even harder to achieve. The experienced family immigration attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC do not want to see you get mired down in technicalities that can doom your petition. Let our Portage family immigration attorneys handle the demanding procedures of the immigration process.

Are You a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident?

U.S. citizens seeking to bring in relative foreign nationals on a family visa will have more options and an easier time than non-citizens. First, a citizen has the freedom to bring in a wider variety of relatives, with the law specifically allowing a citizen to petition for the admittance of a spouse, children (under 21 and unmarried), adult children (married or over 21), parents, and siblings. However, outside of spouses, minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens, there is a priority system for the admittance of farther-removed relatives that is subject to annual limitations on the number of available visas. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, by contrast, do not have a waiting period and can enter the country on a visa right away. Permanent residents are limited to family visa petitions for spouses, unmarried children under 21, and any other unmarried children. Thus, the pool of potential relatives they are able to bring to this country is significantly smaller.

Petition and Application

After the analysis noted above is complete, filing a Petition for Alien Relative with the federal government is the first step to getting a family visa approved. Not just anyone can sponsor a family member visa. The U.S. sponsor must be 21 years or older, able to financially provide for the person, and prove he/she has a recognized familial connection with the foreign national as the minimum requirements to move the petition along. If found acceptable, and a visa is available, the family member applicant will be allowed to provide his/her own documentation that establishes identity, available assets, medical history and issues, and general background.

Medical Approval

If the application passes muster, the next part involves an exam by an approved physician to show the applicant does not carry certain diseases or illnesses not permitted into the country. If the applicant passes the exam, the final step to a Green Card will be scheduled.

Final Interview

The last hurdle is to attend an interview with a U.S. consulate and answer a series of questions about the applicant’s background, intentions upon moving to the U.S. and relationship with the sponsor. The U.S. sponsor, attorneys, and third-party representatives are also allowed to attend for support.

Get Legal Advice

Keeping your family together is an important part of retaining those connections that will support you in the long-term, and for some, that means bringing them to the U.S. from another country. Do not let the complexity of the immigration system derail your efforts, and talk to an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC understands the potential roadblocks you may encounter and will work to get your family admitted into this country. Contact tour Portage family immigration firm today.