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Forced removal actions are at a new high, having risen by as much as 13% since 2017. While this is troubling to advocates who support and represent immigrants every day, there are still actually fewer regular deportations than there were just three years ago. Much of the fear and misinformation that spreads through communities leads immigrants to make poor choices, avoid immigration hearings and meetings, and it can actually have a harmful effect on the processing of valid immigration papers.

At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC, we work to demystify and clarify the whole immigration system for our clients. If you are facing potential deportation or just need help with visa compliance, give our firm a call.

Common Challenges for Immigrants

Among the many challenges facing immigrants to the U.S., paperwork should not be one of them. Of course, the U.S. immigration system is reliant on forms and deadlines. One small error in filling out the wrong form or leaving a block incomplete can have a profound impact on how the case is moved through the system. Therefore, immigrants commonly have to deal with problems like:

  • Forgetting important deadlines and hearings
  • Not filling out forms properly
  • Not understanding complex legal terminology
  • Not having adequate representation at hearings
  • Failing to answer questions in the way the judges want to see them answered
  • Missing key opportunities to side-step lengthy delays

Immigration Cases We Handle

Our firm routinely helps people with cases involving:

  • Forced removal
  • Family-based immigration
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Green Cards
  • H1-B and Non-immigrant Visas
  • Student Visas
  • I-9 Compliance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Temporary Permits
  • Much More

If you do not see your specific situation listed, chances are we still handle it. Everything from defending against criminal charges relating to immigration to helping reunite families, our team has the experience and comprehensive training and skills needed to maneuver through the immigration system. Visit us online to review a comprehensive list of services we offer.

Talk to a Portage Immigration Attorney Today

One of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and your peace of mind is to reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer early in the process. As soon as you suspect problems may be on the horizon, you should reach out to us. Many times, our attorneys are able to head off the trouble before it becomes a big problem, but you will only know if you call. Contact Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC to speak with one of our attorneys. All calls are entirely confidential.