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Petitions for family immigration include a complex examination of both the sponsor and any family member applicant. Because of the work that goes into filing all the necessary documents, the denial of a petition will most likely come as a shock. It is important to understand that, while a noncitizen’s relationship to a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident gives the immigrant the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residence in this country, it does not provide a guarantee that the petition will be granted. However, working with one of our experienced family immigration law attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC will give you a fair chance at approval. Rather than fighting the limitless resources of the U.S. government alone, let our St. Joseph family immigration attorneys deal with the U.S. immigration authorities on your behalf.

Preliminary Questions

U.S. officials want to help those with family outside this country bring them here on a permanent basis, but there a number of rules that dictate who can access the family immigration visa program. First, only U.S. citizens and permanent residents can request a Green Card for a family member, and only certain family members qualify. Specifically, close family members, such as spouses, minor children, and parents may be allowed to remain after approval, but how long that approval will take depends upon the status of the U.S. sponsor and how he/she is related to the foreign family member. U.S. citizens are given greater flexibility in bringing foreign family members into this country, particularly immediate family, and avoid the long wait times experienced by permanent residents seeking to do the same. Annual numerical caps limit the process and flow of many family visa petitions, but permanent residents who attain U.S. citizenship, while their family member is waiting for approval, can use this status change to speed up the process.  

Starting the Paperwork

Like all governmental requests, the family immigration visa process involves a lot of paperwork, the first being the Petition for Alien Relative, which is filed by the U.S. sponsor, and must set up the age of the sponsor (21 is the minimum), the ability of the sponsor to financially support the relative, and the level of family relation to see if he/she qualifies for the family visa program. In turn, the applicant must produce corollary documentation, when requested later in the process, to officially identify him/her, show the applicant’s financial capacity, background, and medical history.

Medical Screening

One critical aspect of the family visa process is the medical screening all applicants must pass before approval is possible. Certain illnesses and diseases are not permitted in this country, and anyone identified as carrying them will be denied entry. Thus, concerns about medical conditions should be brought to the attention of a family immigration attorney.

U.S. Consulate

The last stop in this process is an interview between the applicant and the local U.S. consulate to assess the applicant’s fitness for a visa. The U.S. sponsor, any related attorneys, and third-party representatives may also appear, but concerns should be discussed before this process to avoid an unfavorable outcome.

Contact a Family Immigration Attorney

If you are interested in filing a family immigration petition, get the legal advice you need from the beginning to be successful. Making one mistake can completely derail a petition, so if you are curious about your options, talk to an experienced immigration law attorney as soon as possible. To give your family the best chance at success, speak with the attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC. It is practically impossible and highly inadvisable to pursue family immigration visas yourself. Rather, contact the St. Joseph family immigration firm for a consultation.