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The immigration process requires not just legal knowledge but a passionate advocate who understands the stakes involved. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we embody this blend of passion, experience, and advocacy, providing unparalleled legal representation to those seeking to navigate the complexities of United States immigration law. Our mission is not just to practice law but to make dreams a reality for thousands of individuals and families.

Our Story

Founded in 1974 by Jeffrey A. Kriezelman, our firm has grown from its foundational roots into a beacon of hope for foreign nationals across the nation. Our attorneys have helped thousands obtain citizenship, secure lawful visa status, and defend against removal. With a commitment to aggressive, professional representation, our team stands ready to guide clients through every step of the immigration process.

Why Choose Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC?

Selecting the right immigration attorney is a pivotal decision. The right representation can mean the difference between success and failure in immigration matters. Clients choose Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC for several key reasons:

  • Knowledge and Experience: With decades of combined experience, our team is well-equipped to handle the most complex cases with precision and care.
  • Comprehensive Legal Services: We offer a wide array of immigration-related services, including assistance with employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, removal defense, litigation before Immigration Courts, Federal Court litigation, appellate work, and non-immigrant visa processing. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner, an individual seeking to reunite with family or an asylum-seeker, we have the knowledge to assist you.
  • Personalized Attention: We understand that each client’s situation is unique. Our approach is to provide personalized attention and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. From in-person consultations to representing clients in immigration courts, we are committed to ensuring that each case receives the meticulous attention it deserves.

Areas of Help Offered by Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC

Our firm offers comprehensive support across various areas of immigration law:

  • Work Visas: We assist individuals and employers in navigating the intricacies of obtaining temporary and permanent work visas.
  • Family Immigration: We are dedicated to helping families reunite and navigate the process of securing lawful status in the United States.  
  • Removal Proceedings: Facing removal can be daunting; our attorneys work tirelessly to defend your right to stay in the country.
  • Naturalization and Citizenship: We guide clients through the process of becoming U.S. citizens, providing support at every step.
  • Asylum: For those seeking refuge, our team offers compassionate and competent legal representation to help secure asylum in the United States.

Working with Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC

The process begins with scheduling a confidential consultation to discuss your case. During this meeting, our attorneys will provide a thorough evaluation of your situation, outline the legal options available, and recommend a strategic course of action. As your case progresses, our team will remain in constant communication, ensuring you are informed and supported throughout the process.

Contact Our Toledo Immigration Attorneys

The journey through U.S. immigration law is complex and fraught with challenges. However, with Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC by your side, you have a team of experienced, passionate advocates committed to ensuring your journey leads to success. We invite you to contact our offices to learn more about how we can assist with your immigration needs.