Criminal Issues in Immigration Law

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Criminal Issues in Immigration Law

Criminal arrests and convictions complicate immigration cases and may lead to removal proceedings.  From the point of arrest, an immigration attorney should be involved in advising immigrants and criminal defense attorneys on any consequences that the criminal case may have on immigration status.  Before any non-citizen accepts a plea bargain, it is important to consult with immigration counsel to minimize any adverse immigration consequences.

Crimes can affect both documented and undocumented immigrants.  For those who have lawful status in the United States, crimes may subject them to removal proceedings or make them ineligible for waivers of deportation.  Those applying for lawful status in the United States may be disqualified by their crimes.

Nevertheless, there are special immigration waivers that may be available to undocumented and documented immigrants who face criminal charges.  Constructing a strong plea agreement may ensure that the non-citizen remains eligible to seek a discretionary waiver before the Immigration Judge.  Once a criminal conviction is final, non-citizens should seek immigration counsel knowledgeable in the area of immigration and crimes to zealously fight their case.

There are also immigration benefits crime victims who assist in the investigation or prosecution of the offender.  If you believe that you have been the victim of a crime, you should consult with an immigration attorney early on for advice on how to proceed.

Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC remains a leader in the area of immigration and crimes.  With the experience to challenge all aspects of a criminal conviction both before the Department of Homeland Security and before the Immigration Judge, our attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected.