Making an appointment at the Kriezelman Burton & Associates office was one of the best decisions in my life.

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Caleb A.


I’ve referred multiple people to them and they all have had great results and really enjoyed the experience.

Arkadiusz K.


I would like to highly recommend this law firm. My case was handled by Attorney -BRITTNI RIVERA, for me Attorney BRITTNI RIVERA is a SUPERSTAR, when it comes to immigration law. I will not go into details but I will just say this, my case was not a typical case where you only need to know how to fill out USCIS forms, my case was complicated because a few years ago I did something stupid, which made my case even more difficult. Several other lawyers whom I consulted during my case with -KRIEZELMAN&BURTON LAW FIRM, told me that my chances of positive outcome were slim to none, despite everything attorney BRITTNI RIVERA managed to do it all, so finally after almost 28 years of being illegally in this country, I’m finally a green card holder, THANK YOU AGAIN ATTORNEY BRITTNI RIVERA AND KRIEZELMAN & BURTON LAW FIRM.

Priyanshi E.


I highly recommend Matthew from Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC to get solutions to all immigration related issues. I recommend him, after my five years of association with him. Before meeting Matthew, I had approached three senior immigration lawyers, to resolve my VISA conversion issue (from L2 to F1). All 3 lawyers could not provide any solution to my problem.

After this, I met Matthew. He carefully analyzed my issue and immediately suggested a solution. He sounded very confident about his solution and so, I decided to follow his advice. Within a month, my VISA issue was resolved.

Next, I could not get my residency along with my parents as I was aged-out (i.e., crossed 21 years of age before getting a residency with the parents). But, once again, it was due to Matthew’s timely advice which enabled me to get my residency in the USA. Today, after 5 years, I have successfully completed my graduation and I have my residency – only because of the complete knowledge of the latest immigration laws and timely filing of my correct and complete application by Matthew.

Johanna R.


My experience with this law firm, especially with the lawyer Erin Cobb, I am grateful she was amazing. She tried so hard for my case. She was super friendly I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for immigration legal help.

Josh F.


My wife and I used Kevin Raica for her green card application. The entire process was seamless and everyone we dealt with was wonderful. We highly recommend this firm.

Erick B.


We are very happy that Mr Justin is helping us !!!



Erin is such a great, professional and experienced attorney. Ms. Cobb handled my case of RFE for H1B change of status very efficiently. She was truly very helpful all the way thru, head to tail, until I got the approval. I really appreciate her work with me and with my employer!



I highly recommend attorney Brittni and Legal assistant Violetta. Their expertise and professionalism were instrumental in successfully handling our case. They guided us, answered all our questions, and ensured everything was submitted accurately and on time. Thanks to their efforts, we achieved a positive outcome. I’m immensely grateful for their outstanding service and highly recommend them to anyone seeking immigration assistance.



I highly recommend this firm to the folks who really need any type of legal advice, assistance in any of theirs issues. Whole team is very knowledgeable, dedicated and truly committed. Laura McClure is really one of their GEMS . She always without missing even one emails in the whole process, very promptly she gets back. If you really want to get your process done, this is the firm I recommend.



One of my relatives just received her Green Card and the credit goes to Kevin Raica and his Paralegal, Aga Bogdanowicz. The final “Adjust Status Petition” including the supporting documentation was 128 pages long! There is no way we could have compiled this level of detail much less have it be error free on our own. The whole process took around 8 months which is to be expected; however, the Petition package was so complete that no interview was required. If you ever have need of immigration legal service you just can’t go wrong with Kevin Raica and the immigration professionals working at Kriezelman, Burton and Associates.



My international partner and I needed assistance with completing the process to receive a green card and residency in the United States. I am astounded with how quickly we received residency status thanks to the experience and quality of Kriezelman Burton & Associates. Attorney Kevin Raica was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated professionalism and depth of knowledge with the process. Paralegal Donald Rogers was attentive to all the details, followed-up with us, and ensured all of our documents were submitted on time and tracked. I can’t praise this firm enough for how easy they made what could be a complicated and arduous process. I highly recommend these folks for immigration services needs. Thank you!



Very good lawyer, she took the time to listen to our asylum case, and if she was sincere, we can win.



Best super lawyers in Chicagoland.



Kriezelman Burton is a great firm, and Erin C. Cobb is an excellent lawyer. They were very professional and knowledgeable about the immigration process. They helped me every step of the way and made sure I understood everything that was happening. Erin always was transparent and gave me great advice to move my case forward. She turned things upside down and found simple yet difficult-to-see solutions to gain the edge and win my case. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the best legal representation.



They are a great firm, I worked with Kevin Raica and his team. It was a pleasure working with them. They were great, and Kevin is an excellent and very organized lawyer. His expertise and knowledge helped with my process. I highly recommend him !!!!!!!!!!



Excellent lawyers. Me and my family enjoyed the experience.



This is a team of talented professionals who know exactly what they are doing. I had the pleasure to have Nicole Provax as my attorney for my asylum case I just sat back and watched her do just the right things for me, and I was granted Asylum will little effort. Thanks Nicole and the team



It’s been a pleasure working with Kevin Raica and his team that assists me getting my approval from USCIS. His expertise and knowledge on immigration made completing a long case process. I had experience with other lawyers before, so I highly recommend him. I’m very grateful for his work and indeed we need such a compassionate and skillful lawyer like Kevin in this country. Thank you Kevin!



If you have difficulty or complications in your case, this is the place, especially Justin, to go. I had one of the hardest cases you can ask for, and Justin solved it, and now I am a US citizen. You are god to our family Justin. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

M Yasir


I got to know Attorney Kevin Raica through one of my friends. I was so glad to work with him and he did his best. I would suggest Kriezelman Burton & Associates for their professionalism and neat. Thanks again Mr. Kevin Raica.



I had the pleasure of working Erin Cobb and her wonderful team help me getting my residency. She is an excellent and very organized lawyer. I recommend her and I’m very grateful for her work. Thank you Erin and Laura!



Received the best service from Brittni, she handled my case and got the results more quickly than I expected , highly recommended for immigration services.



I would like to especially thank my attorneys Brittni Rivera & Kamila Lada, at Kriezelman Burton & Associates. I was extremely happy with my immigration case service. Brittni is always there for help with kindness & professionalism. I am extremely satisfied with my long-time processing immigration case outcome! Highly recommend. Every single dollar is worth it! This place is all about hope & joy!



It was a pleasure working with Brittni, Georgiana and team for our H1B application process. They are the best in this domain and very savvy with current updates. They kept us up to date on the progress of our application by giving regular updates. They promptly answered any queries from our side. We wish the whole team best of luck. Keep the good work going.



We thank attorney Kevin Raica at the office of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, for helping us with our immigration case, the kindness and importance that he gave to our case. We highly recommend. Thank you Kevin.



I can’t stop thanking Justin for his work that he does, I had a difficult case, but everything went smoothly and easily, I also want to say thank you to Camilla for her help and responsiveness, she was always in touch and answered very quickly to all my questions! Thank you Justin again you are the best of the best! God bless you!



I’ve been Justin’s customer for over ten years. Always delivered! I highly recommend Justin Burton.



I was looking for a lawyer who was professional , responsive , patient and provided exceptional service and I wasn’t disappointed at all when I worked with Matt. I could not have asked for someone better. Renata was also easy to work with and helpful too. Thank you for your help in reuniting our family.



Thanks so much to Erin Cobb, for such a great job! After consulting many different lawyers, she was the only one who gave me a hope! And now I’ll have my naturalization ceremony this week!!! God blessed you Mrs Cobb and your great team!



I would like to thank my attorney Kevin Raica at Kriezelman Burton & Associates. I was extremely impressed with the level of service and professionalism I received from the start to end of my case. He was also extremely responsive and communicative throughout the entire process which is most important when its comes to a immigration case. Incredibly satisfied with outcome of my long pending case. Highly recommended and impressed with the attention and details Kevin given to my case.



My lawyer was Matthew Kriezelman. He is out of the world. Very fast at replying to my emails. Gives his 100% to his clients at given time. He put lot of efforts in my case. He replies to my email in early in the morning if I emailed him after office hours.I’m very thankful to him and would recommend him.



Very professional



I highly recommend Kevin, he is very professional and it was a pleasure working with him.



For me it was an excellent experience having them as lawyers in my case, although my lawyer is a young person, she has extraordinary experience and fabulous self-confidence. Today’s people have to understand that there are also young people who have brilliant experience in what they do. My lawyer solved a problem of more than 10 years; in just one year. This tells me how good of a lawyer she is, what else do I need to believe?



I would like to thank Mr. Justin for the spirit of his morals and the nobility of his work. He is a dedicated person in his work and knows what he is doing. I feel reassured because my case is in his trustworthy hands.


Justin and Matthew are nice and professional guys who brought me to the finish line and thank you guys a lot for everything and keep up the good work.


Erin Cobb is the best of the best! She helped me when no one else could or wanted to. And for that I’m so grateful to her!!!


I would like to thank the whole office and a special thank you to the Attorney-Brittni Rivera who handled my case. My case is not 100% finished yet, but what Attorney Brittni Rivera has already done for me, many have told me before that my chances are close to zero. With what Attorney Brittni Rivera has done, it became possible. I highly recommend this office. Big thanks to the whole office and special big thank you to Attorney Brittni Rivera. I hope I will be able to post another five star review in the future.


Great professional service. Highly recommended.


First of all, I want to thank Brittni Rivera for helping with my case. Ever since the first day she was working on my case, every time I asked for an update, she would respond quickly. Brittni handled my case with great professionalism and a great outcome. I would highly recommend working with Kriezelman Burton & Associates.

Milana M.

I can not recommend Kevin Raica and Justin Burton enough. They are the lawyers who get their job done. Super professional, organized and always on point!



Charly O.

Incredibly thankful to have been referred to Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC. Erin Cobb and her paralegal Kamila were responsive, helpful, and professional. I really couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome of my case. Highly recommend!


Thank you so much for a professional job. I am very happy about all the help from Justin and Kamila. Email responses were always extremely quick. Immigration is an intimidating process, and Justin made sure I understood every step along the way. It was a pleasure working with this company and I give them the highest recommendation. 5 stars!


Brittni Rivera and Michelle were responsive, helpful and a pleasure to work with during my wife’s spousal I-130 visa process. Brittni is an excellent immigration attorney. Thankful I was referred to her and my wife was able to come to Chicago on her immigrant visa. 5 stars for professional service!


Extremely professional team!


So far so good let’s see what’s happens next. Brittni is wonderful! She was extremely helpful with our immigration case. I would recommend this place if you need immigration help.

Arrold J.

Couldn’t be happier to have chosen this law firm for representation for my immigration case. Justin and Brittni met and exceeded my expectations. They were extremely helpful, professional and the best at what they do. Couldn’t find a better representation! Highly recommended!

Liya & Till

I would like to thank Justin Burton and Matthew Kriezelman for handling my complicated citizenship case with such professionalism and a great outcome. If you have a complex case, be sure that Justin and his team have all the knowledge and expertise to solve it. He is aggressive and passionate about his subject and will provide you with the right guidance, as well as the best course of action in your case. Expensive – very, but the end result is worth it. ??

Bobby P.

To me, Justin burton is the king of immigration law. He is the best that’s all I can say. If you have any kind of complication in your case this is the guy you need to call. Once you retain Justin, YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS.

Kenny P.

Had a wonderful experience with Matthew! Very professional, very thorough!! HIGHLY recommend!!!

Martin S.

Great work from Brittni Rivera, extremely professional. I highly recommend to go with them especially for U visa cases.


Both Jake, who has since relocated, and Lauren (current) are a saving grace to those who they’ve helped. Lauren, who I am working with currently, cannot be more attentive, understanding, and humble in the work and reassurance she gives you. She never makes you feel like you are any less due to your circumstance, she speaks to you more humanely and with compassion more than even a friend or family may.

If you’re in the market for an attorney that cares, does her best to accommodate your circumstance and limitations while working your case, I can not recommend enough Lauren. You will be taken care of through and through. It can be daunting seeking help from an attorney, but I promise you, I am a nervous wreck, but every time she speaks with me and reassured me, I feel like everything will be okay and she will succeed in her plan for the case.

I wish nothing but good karma towards Lauren and Jake, and I am forever grateful. Thank you!


Very intelligent, very much helpful, and always answer any question in your mind. Always immediate replies to my questions. Very much trustful. Thank u very much.

Jorge C

Simply put, I shouldn’t be here. I had a really complex immigration case and all the firms that we consulted with told us that I virtually had no chance of staying here in the United States for my son. All except Kriezelman Burton.

Nicole O.

Justin Burton is an amazing lawyer that has been assisting me for 19 years! Starting with my green card process, to becoming a citizen! Then guiding my husband as well.

Nicholas P.

Justin Burton is a great lawyer who will go above and beyond through every step of the process to help you out. He is an honest and straightforward lawyer that will look out for your best interests. He really knows the law and will tell you the possibilities of the outcome depending on your case and background. I had a very complicated case (at least that I was told by previous attorneys). After 20 years of denials and six different lawyers, I was finally referred to Mr. Burton and it was the best thing that happened in my case. After 2 months, my case was approved and I received my Green Card. If you ever need legal help, the only lawyer should call is Justin Burton. Highly recommended!

Barbara Anna C.

Professional, with huge knowledge. Mr. Justin Burton is the best. Five stars is not enough!

Jorge C.

Kevin Raica took my case and found a new angle to it that previous immigration lawyers ignored or thought would be too difficult. With his assistance in dealing with the consular authorities, getting the right support letters, and his expertise in presenting my case under the best light we achieved the long-awaited goal of my permanent residency. He was always available, never rushed me out of his office and he helped me see my case in an optimistic but measured way. I could not be more satisfied with his professional services and expertise. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any other immigrant in my situation.

Faisal S.

Thank you so much to Kevin for helping out in my case. It was ongoing for over 5 years and I didn’t know when it would end. When the court date got closer, I got even more nervous, but Kevin made sure I was completely prepared and also helped out throughout the entire process and beyond until I received my naturalization. Thank you again, Kevin and Kriezelman, Burton & Associates!

Jamal H.

Mr. Burton helped me with a very difficult immigration case. Throughout the process, he showed an outstanding knowledge of the immigration proceedings, professionalism, and support. He knows how the system works and he knows how to deal with the people involved. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and aware. He really cares about his client’s welfare. My family and I very great full of what he has done for us.

Mina P

When it comes to immigration assistance these are the lawyers to go to. After several years, my husband and I cannot believe what Justin was able to do for us in such a short time. There are not enough words to describe the help and relief Justin and his team provided my family. My only regret was not coming to them sooner. Thank you for everything!

Hetal S.

Well organized and of course, knowledgable.

Stefan R.

Perfect people.

Sabina K.

So far, so good…let’s see what’s gonna happen next. Helpful and organized.

Ranislav J.

Best lawyer in town.

Iordanka K.

The best human being to have your back when you really need it!!! Mr. Burton’s professionalism and sharpness saved my family!!!!!

Apd A.

Excellent lawyer, I respect him very much.

Sachin M.

Justin was absolutely essential in helping me with my immigration process. He kept me informed throughout the years long journey. I would highly recommend Justin as an excellent immigration attorney.


Best for emigration problems!

Robin P.

I would highly recommend this firm for any immigration related matters.

Marzena P.

Bardzo miła obsługa!

(Very nice service!)

Bayo O.

Super lawyers with a high sense of professionalism and result-orientation. Matthew Kriezelman is a very lovable guy with so much humility, he helped with our asylum case. He is highly recommended and the firm gets a nod from me. Thank you Matt, thank you Kriezelman Burton.

Nikola S.

My experience with Kriezelman Burton & Associates through my emigration process was so smooth. Nothing but true professionalism and help. Thank you Kevin Raica!

Darnell D.

He was extremely attentive and responsive and was a great advocate for their clients. He was always quick to respond to me anytime. Thank You!!

Cesar A.

God bless this law firm, I was facing deportation charges, they helped me with my complicated case. I highly recommend this law firm, I am able to stay with my family, my kids, and everyone I love. My attorney Lauren that represented me is beyond professional, highly skilled, and someone that truly cares about someone’s life and well being, especially during very hard circumstances like these. She saved my life, that’s all I can say. Thank you, Lauren, and your firm so much for taking my case and helping me get an opportunity to stay with my family. Thank you.

Szon P.

Best lawyers!!!

Ahmad A.

Very professional, helpful, and comforting place.

Aldijana P.


Marija M.

Dragon Z

I had a phone consultation with immigration lawyer Kevin Raica. He is very helpful and very polite. Answered all my questions and gave me a lot of advice. Nice guy to work with. Will recommend you to this place if you need immigration help.

Joe P.

I had a great experience working with Lauren. She was effective and very professional, she saved me a lot of time and money. I highly recommend her, and thank you again.

Bharat P.

This is a great attorney firm. Matthew Kriezelman is an amazing attorney. He is an expert with long-pending immigration cases that are already denied or getting close to being denied. Our case of 17 years was finally resolved after we hired him. We had 3 previous attorneys who failed at their job and 3 other attorney firms we approached and all of them couldn’t help us. Some even told there was no hope. Matthew is a brilliant guy and understands how immigration works. I recommend him for anyone and everyone who is having a complicated case.

R Levi

Brittni was a wonderful lawyer for us. We were so clueless about the green card process and Brittni was there all hours of the day and answered every question promptly. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and kind during our entire process. This is the only group of attorneys I would recommend – we had gone to several others before this one. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and always putting us at ease!

Faisal and Maimona S.

Kevin was handling our case from the first day. It was a long process for us, but Kevin made sure that we were all prepared with the proper documents and what we needed to submit. In the end, my husband got his green card. We can’t thank Kevin enough for his dedication and hard work.

Zakaria E.

Madiha K.

My husband and I hired Mr. Kriezelman and his firm for our complicated immigration case. But his team and himself made sure that our case was taken seriously. My husband was finally able to meet and see his family after ten years. We’ll forever be thankful for their time, dedication, and hard work that they put on our case. Also, want to thank Maria Salas for always being there to answer our concerns and questions throughout this whole lengthy process.


All people working on our case did a good job, it worked out well.


Great job!

Vladica M.

Thanks for everything! Jeffrey Kriezelman and Kevin Raica did an awesome job on my case. I would recommend them to anyone who needs the best attorneys in Illinois (and probably beyond). Highly recommend!

Roman G

Liza received her green card last Friday and I can’t explain how happy we are. I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know we are so appreciative of the way you handled our case. We talked to a number of lawyers prior to meeting you, but there was something they were all missing and we felt we couldn’t trust any of them. You had a strong presentation and you sounded like you knew what you were talking about right off the bat. Regardless of a delay in the process, you certainly lived up to our expectations. We are so glad we met you, and I just wanted to say thank you for your services.

Katie Hector G.

My husband was in a position to be deported and when I met Erin Cobb, she jumped right on it and had it stopped and got him home with us. Later, Lauren McClure jumped in to take over when Erin got too busy she jumped in like she had been with our case from the beginning! These two ladies saved our family from being separated and they worked their hearts out to make that possible! I will forever be grateful to them! If you need an immigration attorney, these ladies are your people! Thanks so much ladies for all your hard work!!!!

Robert C.

I applied for citizenship and spoke to a few attorneys before meeting Kevin. Kevin is very knowledgeable as he has quite a few years in his practice. The atmosphere was always relaxed when working with Kevin, whether over the phone, via email or in person. When the time came for the interview with the immigration officer, that worked well too. Kevin and the officer knew each other. Kevin wrote up a very nice summary of my application for the officer to read. I am happy to say that I am now a citizen and if I choose to use the services of an attorney when I file for my wife-to-be, I will use Kevin and his firm. Thank you Kevin!

Hassan K.

Thank you Matthew for your efforts. You were a great lawyer in your job and your personal attention.


After visiting a couple of lawyers, Justin Burton was the only one saying honestly that that case won’t work, where others just wanted money. Thank you and will go back.

David C.

Without a doubt these are the best immigration lawyers around. Notably, Brittni Rivera is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and always keeps her clients informed of what is going on. These are fighters in the courtroom for their clients rights. Don’t go to anyone else!

Remy LT

I have dealt with few immigration attorneys in the past and even had a consultation with Justin Burton. I did not choose Justin or anyone from his office at the time and it was a mistake on my end. It is exciting to see how professionally and with precision they are handling my case now. I was very fortunate to meet Brittni Riviera, since my case was transferred to her. She is the best immigration lawyer I have ever met. Her knowledge, helpfulness, sharpness and respect gave me confidence in my case and realistic understanding of what is waiting for me in the future. My case is not over yet, but I know that Justin, Brittni and their team is what I need. Strongly recommend to consider them in any of your immigration matters.

Adnan I.

Mr. Kriezelman is a great lawyer and wonderful staff. I truly recommend …

Hassan H.

Mr. Burton is a wonderful lawyer. We are very thankful for all of the helpful services that he has provided for us and for the very kind and helpful staff. They were all very reliable to work with.

Natalia B.

Doing their job very professionally. Highly recommend.

Azra H.

I sought the help of attorney Matt Kriezelman on an immigration case very important to me and my family. Every minute of working with him was an absolute pleasure. Not only did Matt meet with me for every single question and concern that I had (and I had very many) , but he did so on several occasions even after his business hours were over. He has helped me understand every paper that he filed, every law that would apply to our case and every single problem that we might encounter. Needless to say, every problem that we did encounter, Matt resolved effortlessly, or at least he made it seem effortless. He spent countless hours on our case and we just purchased my aunt’s one way ticket to the United States from Serbia, which compelled me to write this review. My family will forever be grateful to Matt Kriezelman for taking on our case and uniting us.

Marina Z.

Justin Burton and his entire team are amazing. Very professional people highly organized and very helpful. I’m very pleased about working with them. Grateful.

Eugene R

Very professional people, highly organized and very helpful. I’m very pleased with working with them. I would highly recommend working with them if you have any kind of immigration issues.

Francisco P.

The way that my wife and I met Attorney Kriezelman was nothing short of a miracle. We got a reference from a social worker at the clinic we were attending while my wife was pregnant and pretty much told us to go to some downtown address. We waited for what seemed like forever not knowing who was coming or what to expect. When Attorney Kriezelman did show up, he asked us some questions – pretty much asking who we were. At the end of the meeting, he said there shouldn’t be any problems with the immigration process. The following week we signed some papers at his office. A couple of weeks after that, we had a hearing and we were approved. My wife got her residency card like 2 months later. What a blessing! God bless Attorney Kriezelman!


My husband and I visited 2 local immigration lawyers before meeting with Erin. We live about 3 hours from Chicago in Indiana. Within minutes of meeting Erin we knew she was going to be the one to help our family. She was warm, welcoming, very patient as we asked a lot of questions over and over. You could tell that she was very passionate about helping others. If it wasn’t for her help we wouldn’t be where we are today. Driving 3 hours just to see her was well worth it. We would do it a million times over again! If you are looking for an immigration attorney, I very highly recommend her!

Victor M.

Justin Burton and his ENTIRE team are amazing! I first went to Justin a few years ago because I had accidentally missed my interview date with immigration and I did not know what to do nor what was going to happen next. If it weren’t Justin, I would still be dealing with the long and tiring immigration process. Justin and his team are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They are very respectful and let you know exactly what the process will be like! I was so pleased with Justin that I asked him to help me with my parent’s case just recently. Needless to say, everything has been successful all thanks to Justin Burton and his team!


This is the best guy in town, no doubts about that. He was worth all the money we spent on him. I’m not gonna go thru all story but enough to say 5 different lawyers I visited before him were giving me zero chance. Best man in town!!!!

Scott Z.

Erin Cobb did an excellent job helping my wife obtain legal permanent resident status in the US. She and her team prepared us for the expected hurdles, walked us through the application process, filed the necessary DHS applications, and finally attended our in-person interview for her Green Card. Her estimated timeline was accurate and there were no surprises.

Thanks Erin.

Shlomi A.

Justin was recommended through a friend that does professional corporate hiring abroad, Krilaw handles all their immigration processes for them. Justin and staff won my case whereas a couple of other lawyers failed to deliver. Krilaw is a structured professional kind firm, I have sent them numerous referrals since I started working with them. If you know lawyers and been through a few, you will see the difference and appreciate them from the start, and if you haven’t hired an attorney service before, you will appreciate their care and patients. No matter how much I rant here it won’t serve them justice, go get a consultation, and you will see what I’m talking about.

Michelle B

We hired Justin Burton in 2012 for an immigration matter for my husband. He let us know right away what to expect, and everything has worked out as he explained every step of the way. Everyone at the office has been accommodating and helpful. The times that he has been unavailable by phone, there has always been someone else there to help us out. We have no problem paying for a service when we are getting what we want in the end.