What Happens if You Fail the Citizenship Test?

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What Happens if You Fail the Citizenship Test?

To obtain U.S. citizenship, you must first take a citizenship test. The test includes an English portion, which tests your ability to read, write, and understand English. It also includes a civics test, which will test your knowledge of American history and politics. Of course, the goal is to pass these tests. If you do, you could be approved for United States citizenship that day. If you do not pass the test, it is certainly discouraging, but your situation is not hopeless. 

10Options After Failing the Citizenship Test Once

If you failed the citizenship test and the USCIS had no other reason for denying your application, such as a criminal record, they will allow you to take the test again. You must only take the portion of the test you failed. If you failed both tests the first time, you will have to take both tests again.

The test is not taken the same day you failed the first test. The USCIS will send you a notification of your second interview in the mail. The date is typically set within 60 to 90 days of your first interview. This allows you some time to study and practice. To help you study, the USCIS has practice tests you can use. 

If you feel 60 to 90 days is not enough time, you can apply for a postponement. You must make the request in writing and provide a reasonable explanation of the reason for postponement. You can also simply not attend the second interview and begin the citizenship application process again. If you choose this option, it is important to contact USCIS and inform them of the fact that you will not attend the second interview. If you do not tell them and miss the interview without good reason, the USCIS will deny your application for citizenship. 

Options After Failing the Citizenship Test Twice

Failing the citizenship test for the second time seems hopeless, but it is not. If you take the test a second time and still do not pass, you can ask the USCIS for a hearing. To do this, you must file Form N-336 and include a fee or a fee waiver. At the hearing you can provide a statement if you believe the USCIS wrongfully denied your application or wrongfully failed you after your test. 

At the hearing, you will also have to take the test for the third time. If you fail the test again, your application for citizenship will be denied. If you still wish to obtain citizenship, you must study and practice and begin the citizenship process over again. 

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