How to File for Asylum During COVID-19

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How to File for Asylum During COVID-19

If you fear persecution and violence in your home country, you may be eligible to apply for asylum.  Asylum is available to those who have suffered past or fear future persecution in their home country on account of their race, religion, national origin, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.  Despite the courts and immigration office closures due to COVID-19, asylum seekers may still apply for asylum at this time, and should do so within one year of their entry into the United States.

Whether you file your case with the immigration court or the asylum office at your local city, asylum seekers are entitled to employment authorization while their cases are pending.  After 150 days of waiting for a decision on an asylum application, asylum applicants are eligible for a work permit.  This will provide the applicant not only with an employment authorization document, but also a social security number.

If you or a family member are interested in applying for asylum, the attorneys at Kriezelman, Burton and Associates are available by phone or video conference to assist you. Call our office today at 312-332-2550 to schedule a consultation.


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