How to Replace Your Green Card

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How to Replace Your Green Card

Green cards give individuals the confidence to know that they can remain in the United States on a permanent basis to work or study. However, many people think that obtaining a green card is the last step in becoming a permanent lawful resident, but that is not true. Green cards must be renewed and in some cases, they must also be replaced. It is crucial that green cards reflect the accurate information and conform to the law. When it does not, or a person has an older version of a green card that is no longer valid, they can run into significant immigration issues that could cause them to lose their status.

When to Replace a Green Card

There are times when a person must replace their green card, and other times when they should. A person is required to replace their green card when:

  • A green card is lost, stolen, or damaged,
  • A person received their green card before they were 14 years old, they are now 14 years old, and their card will expire after they turn 16,
  • A green card was issued with incorrect information, such as the wrong name
  • A person never received their original green card

Instances when a person should consider replacing their green card include when:

  • A person legally changes their name or other personal information,
  • A person has a commuter green card but wants to live in the United States on a permanent basis
  • A person wants to change their commuter green card into a regular green card
  • A person has an outdated version of the green card
  • A person obtained permanent residence automatically
  • A green card does not have an expiration date

How to Replace a Green Card

Individuals that wish to replace their green card must fill out Form I-90, which can be done online. Filling out an application online allows individuals to apply quickly and easily. The USCIS notifies a person when they have received their application and after a person has filed, they can log into the system to check the status of their application. It is important to understand that the status of an application can only be checked 72 hours after Form I-90 has been filed.

When a person is approved for a replacement green card, the USCIS will send them their new green card through the mail. When an application is denied, the applicant can submit a request for reconsideration or to reopen their case. If the application was denied due to an immigration law issue, or the information in the application is inaccurate, applicants must submit a request for reconsideration. Reopening a case is only appropriate when the applicant has new information to provide.

Our Illinois Immigration Lawyers are Here to Help

Obtaining a green card is an exciting event for many people, but there is more to do after that, as well. If you need to replace your green card, call our Chicago immigration lawyers at Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC. We understand the complex immigration system in the country, and we can assist with your application to give you the best chance possible. Call us today or contact us online to arrange a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.