I’m Applying For My Green Card. Do I Need A Medical Exam?

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I’m Applying For My Green Card. Do I Need A Medical Exam?

The application process for a green card does include a medical exam. Though the process might seem overwhelming, it helps if you understand what you need to do and what the government is looking for in your medical history. Learn more about the process of obtaining your medical exam for a green card application below.  

Finding An Authorized Doctor

Your medical exam must be performed by an authorized medical provider. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides a website where you can search for doctors who have already been approved. These providers are known as “civil surgeons,” and the government has authorized them to provide immigration medical exams. Only a civil surgeon may fill out the required paperwork for your application. Unfortunately, your own doctor might not be authorized, so it is important to check the list before seeing your regular doctor for this exam.

What The Doctor Is Looking For

For many applicants, the most overwhelming part of the medical exam is simply wondering what the doctor is looking for. The fear that something from your past could disqualify you is very understandable. Luckily, there is a way to know exactly what the doctor will be looking for in your medical exam. Form I-693 is the document that your doctor must fill out. It includes sections for each specific condition the doctor is looking for, and by reading this form, you can tell which conditions could prevent you from being eligible for a green card. 

The government is generally looking for any condition that could be a threat to public health and safety. There are sections for sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, vaccine history, and other common diseases that are easily spread. 

You will also notice that Form I-693 has a section for mental health disorders. This is officially referred to as “Physical or Mental Disorders With Associated Harmful Behavior” Though it might sound intimidating, this section has the same goal as all the others: to find any potential threats to public health or safety. If you have concerns or questions about this section, discuss it with your attorney before you schedule your medical exam. You are not automatically disqualified just because you have some history to disclose in this area. 

COVID Complications

Perhaps the most dangerous contagious disease we face in the United States today is COVID-19. The government is, of course, concerned about the spread of COVID-19 from other countries. Unfortunately, this has led to confusing emergency rules and unfair immigration policies since 2020. There is not yet a clear, permanent policy on evaluating COVID-19 in an immigration medical exam. Applicants must be prepared for these rules to continue changing and evolving as the pandemic continues.    

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