How to Prepare for the Citizenship Test

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How to Prepare for the Citizenship Test

To become a United States citizen, you must take a naturalization test. There are two components to the test. The first is an English test that focuses on your ability to read, write, and understand the language. The second portion is a civics test, which will assess your knowledge of American history, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Taking these tests can be nerve-wracking and causes applicants a great deal of anxiety. 

However, with a little preparation, there is no need to feel nervous about these tests. Below are some ways to help you prepare and ensure you are fully ready for any question the USCIS throws at you. 

Start Studying

It sounds obvious, but you must study for the naturalization test. The sooner you begin studying, the more time you will have to prepare. You can also determine what subjects you are weakest in, and spend more time studying those topics if you begin early. 

Read Children’s Books

The vocabulary used during the English test is very simple. The USCIS only wants to see that you have a basic understanding of the English language. Children’s books use the same simple vocabulary as the English test and will show you how they are used in a sentence. 

Watch Video and Listen to the Radio

Some people learn better visually and by hearing words rather than reading them. Hearing the words will also help you understand the pronunciation of them. Many people also find listening and hearing the words more engaging and more effective than simply reading them. 

Take the Practice Tests

The USCIS has created practice tests that largely mimic the test you will take when applying for citizenship. They have provided both a practice English test24, and a practice civics test. Taking these tests can help you understand the types of questions are on the test, and help you determine how well you know the material, and if you need to continue studying. 

Enlist the Help of a Friend

Having someone quiz you regularly can also help ensure you are ready to take the naturalization test. It is best if this person is fluent in English, although they do not necessarily need to be an expert in the civics questions. These are provided in the study materials. Asking a friend to quiz you can help ensure you are retaining the things you have studied. 

Take Your Time

Many people find studying for the naturalization test intimidating. There are many possible questions, and many things you must know. Don’t try to digest this all at once. Start by learning just one thing, such as the names of the holidays. Then move on to spelling them correctly. Studying small pieces of material can help make it easier to remember the many things you need to learn. 

Contact an Illinois Immigration Lawyer

If you are applying for citizenship to the United States, it is important you speak to a Chicago immigration lawyer. At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC, we can help you prepare for the naturalization test, and guide you throughout the entire immigration process. Call us today or contact us online so we can begin discussing your case. 

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