Preparing for Your Employment-Based Green Card Interview

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Preparing for Your Employment-Based Green Card Interview

Historically, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) typically waived in-person interviews for individuals trying to obtain a green card for employment purposes. At one time, the USCIS only conducted interviews for 5-10% of all employment-based cases. In October of 2017, however, the federal agency required that all individuals applying for an employment-based green card undergo an in-person interview. Due to this, it is important that anyone applying for these types of green cards knows how to prepare for the interview so they can give themselves the best chance of success.

Do These New Guidelines Affect a Form I-140 Petition?

The interview guidelines have not changed the manner in which the USCIS makes decisions on Form I-140 petitions. The USCIS service centers will continue to make decisions on these forms for employment-based immigration. Once a decision has been made and your petition has been approved, it only means that an interview is then arranged with the local USCIS field office.

Documents to Bring to the Interview

During the interview, the USCIS officers will also not make another decision on a Form I-140. They are to defer those decisions to the USCIS service centers. During the interview, an officer will review the documents filed along with the Form I-140. They will review these documents to ensure that they are accurate and credible. Prior to attending an interview, you should review your petition as well as the documents you submitted with it. The original documents should also be brought to the interview.

Questions to Expect at the Interview

At the interview, an officer will review all of the information on Form I-485 to ensure it is accurate. The officer will also ask questions, such as what your immigration status is, if you have committed any crimes, and other questions pertaining to your eligibility status. 

You should always review your Form I-485 so you know how to answer any questions the officer asks. If there are mistakes on your form, you should tell the officer about these errors so the necessary changes can be made. You should also expect to answer some questions pertaining to your job duties, where you will work, information about your employer, and the terms of your employment. You will also need to ask questions about your past education and work experience. 

You can also expect USCIS to interview your spouse and children. They will again review the information on Form I-485 to ensure it is correct. They will also ask your relatives questions about your eligibility status. The officer will also ask your relatives about their relationship with you.

Our Illinois Immigration Lawyers can Help With Your Interview

When attending an employment-based immigration interview, you should not do it on your own. At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC, our Chicago immigration lawyers can help. We know what you can expect during these interviews, and how to prepare you for them to give you the best chance of a positive outcome. Call us today or contact us online to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys.