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Do You Qualify for Faster Immigration Processing?

If you have ever dealt with any aspect of the American immigration system, you know how slow the process can be. Unfortunately, in recent years, things have only been getting worse. We are currently seeing record immigration-related backlogs. According to the most recent data from Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), the immigration application backlog reached a record high earlier this year, with more than 550,000 cases currently pending in immigration court.

It is not just court cases that are slow. Sending in an application and getting a response from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can also take a frustrating amount of time. The best way to speed up your case is to ensure that your immigration package is in pristine condition, and that it is prepared by a professional Chicago immigration attorney. Though, in certain emergency circumstances, immigration applicants also have additional options available to reduce the processing time.

Emergency Expedited Processing: A Case-By-Case Decision

An immigration application can be moved to the front of the line for a decision, if the applicant can prove that they have a bona fide emergency situation on their hands. USCIS officials have authority to determine whether or not an emergency is sufficient for faster processing on a case-by-case basis. For reference, some examples of circumstances that typically qualify as ‘emergencies’ in the eyes of USCIS include:

  • Seeking permission to visit a sick relative outside of the country;
  • Other serious medical emergencies that could be helped by resolving an immigration issue;
  • A family member being stuck in a dangerous situation overseas; or
  • A delay causing serious financial damage to the applicant or to a business.

To make a request for expedited processing, you will need to send an official letter to the appropriate USCIS office, explaining exactly why your specific case justifies faster service. All relevant evidence that supports your claim must be included along with this document. Ultimately, the burden will be on the applicant to prove that their situation actually deserves to go to the front of the line. As such, it is imperative that immigrants who are facing emergency circumstances contact an experienced attorney, who can help them prepare a strong case.

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