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Renew your Deferred Action/DACA!

At the beginning of the summer, the Immigration Service released its forms and procedures for young adults to renew their DACA or Deferred Action status. DREAMers can now submit an application to renew their status and, if approved, receive another two-year grant of Deferred Action and employment authorization.

The timing of your request to renew is important. The Immigration Service has indicated that it may reject applications received more than 150 days before the expiration of the applicant’s deferred action. The agency recommends filing about 120 days prior to the expiration date, in order to ensure that there is no lapse in employment authorization.

If you have not yet applied for DACA for the first time, it is not too late! The Immigration Service is still accepting application for initial grants of DACA.

Schedule an appointment today to apply for or renew your DACA.

Erin Cobb