Renewing an Employment Visa

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Renewing an Employment Visa

No matter what type of visa you carry, you will have to get it renewed. Even lawful permanent residents who are green card holders must renew these documents in order to remain within the United States legally. If you have already obtained an employment visa, it is important to understand when you have to renew it, and the process for doing so. Failing to renew your employment visa in a timely manner can place your immigration status in great jeopardy and, in the worst scenario, may even place you in removal proceedings. When it is time to renew your employment visa, below are the steps that will help you do it.

Understand What You are Renewing

The United States offers two different types of work permits to immigrants. The first is an employment-based visa, while the other is an employment authorization document (EAD). Immigrants who wish to obtain an employment visa to work temporarily in the United States can do so with the help of an employer that wishes to hire them. An employment authorization document is useful for a certain period of time and that length of time will depend on the applicant’s immigration status. Typically, EADs are secured by students, family members of American citizens, and refugees.

Understand When You Must Renew

In the United States, there are more than 60 different types of employment-based visas that can be obtained by immigrants. Most of these are eligible for renewal once or twice, but it is essential that you understand the expiration date of your visa or EAD. To prevent delays and even worse outcomes, it is important to renew these visas on time, and perhaps even early when possible. EADs cannot be renewed prior to 120 days before the current document expires. For any visa or EAD, it is best to start the renewal process at least 45 days before your current EAD or visa expires.

Speak to Your Employer

One of the requirements of renewing your work visa may be that your employer must apply for a work extension on your behalf. It is best to speak to your employer approximately four months in advance. This will make them aware that you need an extension, and allow them enough time to prepare for it. There are certain steps that your employer may need to take and four months should provide them with enough time to determine what those are and ensure they are completed properly.

Our Illinois Immigration Attorneys can Help With Your Renewal

You should never apply for an employment-based visa alone, and you should not apply for a renewal on your own, either. At Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, LLC, our Chicago immigration attorneys can help. We will advise on the appropriate steps you need to take, guide you through the entire process, and give you the best chance of a successful outcome. When you need help with your visa renewal, call us or contact us online so that one of our skilled attorneys can help with your case.