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Without a doubt these are the best immigration lawyers around. Notably, Brittni Rivera is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and always keeps her clients informed of what is going on. These are fighters in the courtroom for their clients rights. Don’t go to anyone else!

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 11/25/2017

I have dealt with few immigration attorneys in the past and even had a consultation with Justin Burton. I did not choose Justin or anyone from his office at the time and it was a mistake on my end. It is exciting to see how professionally and with precision they are handling my case now. I was very fortunate to meet Brittni Riviera, since my case was transferred to her. She is the best immigration lawyer I have ever met. Her knowledge, helpfulness, sharpness and respect gave me confidence in my case and realistic understanding of what is waiting for me in the future. My case is not over yet, but I know that Justin, Brittni and their team is what I need. Strongly recommend to consider them in any of your immigration matters.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 11/15/2017

Mr. Kriezelman is great lawyer , and wonderful staff. I truly recommended …

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 10/16/2017

Mr. Burton is a wonderful lawyer. We are very thankful for all of the helpful services that he has provided for us and for the very kind and helpful staff. They were all very reliable to work with.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 10/10/2017

Doing their job very professionally. Highly recommend.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 07/25/2017

I sought the help of attorney Matt Kriezelman on an immigration case very important to me and my family. Every minute of working with him was an absolute pleasure. Not only did Matt meet with me for every single question and concern that I had (and I had very many) , but he did so on several occasions even after his business hours were over. He has helped me understand every paper that he filed, every law that would apply to our case and every single problem that we might encounter. Needless to say, every problem that we did encounter, Matt resolved effortlessly, or at least he made it seem effortless. He spent countless hours on our case and we just purchased my aunt’s one way ticket to the United States from Serbia, which compelled me to write this review. My family will forever be grateful to Matt Kriezelman for taking on our case and uniting us.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 06/07/2017

Justin Burton and his entire team are amazing. Very professional people highly organized very helpful. I’m very pleased working with them . ????? Grateful ?????

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 05/26/2017

Very professional people highly organized very helpful. I’m very pleased working with them . I would highly recommend working with them if you have any kind of immigration issues.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 05/22/2017

The way that my wife and I met Attorney Kriezelman was nothing short of a miracle. We got a reference from a Social Worker at the clinic we were attending while my wife was pregnant and pretty much told us to go to some Downtown address. We waited for what seemed like forever not knowing who was coming or what to expect. When Attorney Kriezelman did show up, he asked us some questions – pretty much asking who we were. At the end of the meeting he said there shouldn’t be any problems with the immigration process. The following week we signed some papers at his office. A couple weeks after that, we had a hearing and we were approved. My wife got her residency card like 2 months later. What a blessing! God bless Attorney Kriezelman!

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 04/08/2017

My husband and I visited 2 local immigration lawyers before meeting with Erin. We live about 3 hours from Chicago in Indiana. Within minutes of meeting Erin we knew she was going to be the one to help our family. She was warm, welcoming, very patient as we asked a lot of questions over and over. You could tell that she was very passionate about helping others. If it wasn’t for her help we wouldn’t be where we are today. Driving 3 hours just to see her was well worth it. We would do it a million times over again! If you are looking for an immigration attorney, I very highly recommend her!

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 03/20/2017

Justin Burton and his ENTIRE team are amazing! I first went to Justin a few years ago because I had accidentally missed my interview date with immigration and I did not know what to do nor what was going to happen next. If it weren’t Justin, I would still be dealing with the long and tiring immigration process. Justin and his team are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They are very respectful and let you know exactly what the process will be like! I was so pleased with Justin that I asked him to help me with my parent’s case just recently. Needless to say, everything has been successful all thanks to Justin Burton and his team!

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 01/07/2017

This is the best guy in town. no doubts about that.he worth every money we spend on him. Im not gonna go thru all story but enough to say 5 different lawyers i visit before him was giving me a zero chances for me.
Bets man i town!!!!

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 01/06/2017

Erin Cobb did an excellent job helping my wife obtain legal permanent resident status in the US. She and her team prepared us for the expected hurdles, walked us through the application process, filed the necessary DHS applications, and finally attended our in-person interview for her Green Card. Her estimated timeline was accurate and there were no surprises.
Thanks Erin.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 01/04/2017

Justin was recommended to thorough a friend that does professional corporate hiring abroad , krilaw handles all their immigration processes for them.
Justin and staff won my case where a couple lawyers failed to deliver.
Krilaw is a structured professional kind firm, I have sent them numerous referrals since a started working with them.
If you know lawyers and been through a few you will see the difference and appreciate them from the start, and if you haven’t hired an attorneys service before you will appreciate their care and patients.
No matter how much I rant here it won’t serve them justice, go get a consultation, and you will see what I’m talking about.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 12/07/2016

Good afternoon from Macedonia Dear Attorney, my name is Liri and i am from Macedonia please i need your help because i am unable to return back to the U.S to replace/renew my green card with new /correct A-096966974 i had in the past old green card with incorrect A-090658275 my card was issued with incorrect information because of a USCIS administrative error, please i need your help and i thank you very much for your time and your help Kind Regards sincerely Liri Ajdini ftom Macedonia.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 05/25/2016

We hired Justin Burton in 2012 for an immigration matter for my husband. He let us know right away what to expect, and everything has worked out as he explained every step of the way. Everyone at the office has been accommodating and helpful. The times that he has been unavailable by phone, there has always been someone else there to help us out. We have no problem paying for a service when we are getting what we want in the end.

Posted by a Client of KB & A Law on 02/16/2016

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