The Trump Administration Announces Support for Immigration Reform Plan

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The Trump Administration Announces Support for Immigration Reform Plan

Since his first day in office, President Trump has been clear that he favors harsh immigration enforcement. On August 2nd, 2017, in a press conference with Republican senators Tom Cotton and  Will Perdue, President Trump announced his support for the RAISE Act, a bill designed to radically reform America’s immigration policy. Most notably, this proposed legislation would make it harder for many people to immigrate to the United States. In this post, our experienced Chicago immigration lawyers explain what you need to know about this immigration reform proposal that is being supported by the Trump Administration.

The RAISE Act Would Reduce Immigration

First and foremost, the RAISE Act would cut the total amount of legal immigration to the United States. Despite President Trump’s statements at times that he is in support of legal immigration, this bill would shrink the total immigrant pool sharply. In fact, under current American immigration law, approximately 1 million people obtain green cards each year. Under this new proposed policy, experts believe that the number of green cards issued would be cut by nearly 60 percent, down to less than 450,000 per year.

The Bill Would Shift American Immigration Policy in a Different Direction

Beyond merely limiting the amount of immigrants allowed into the country, the RAISE Act would also significantly alter our basic immigration policy. Indeed, these changes would be truly fundamental. This is because the RAISE Act does not reduce all types of immigration evenly. The bill seeks to shift the U.S. to a “points-based” immigration system. Under the system proposed in the bill, family-based immigration, which is key to our system right now, would be slashed dramatically. On the other hand, “skills-based” immigration would be left largely intact. Additionally, the bill seeks to make immigration to the United States much tougher for non-English speakers.

The RAISE Act Has Little Congressional Traction, So Far

At the moment, this bill does not have enough support in congress to move forward. That being said, the RAISE Act, and other similar immigration restricting policies, have been around for years, and their total support does seem to be growing among parts of the political spectrum. With the president officially signing on to this type of approach, we will need to keep a close eye on any future developments.

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