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U.S. Consulates

U.S. Consulates are charged with issuing visas to people who wish to enter the United States.  While some visas need to be partially processed through a visa petition filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service within the US, there are many other types of visas which are completely processed at the US Consulates abroad.  It may help to have representation when appearing before the US Consulates as applying for visas can often be hyper technical as each Consulate often has their own special requirements for individuals applying for US visas.  We have experience dealing with visa applications at US Consulates throughout the world.

Often a person has had certain circumstances arise which make them inadmissible to the United States and require a waiver before they are once again granted another visa to enter the country.  These issues can be prior removal orders, criminal arrests, previous misrepresentations, or merely overstaying their visas.  Our office has extensive experience preparing waiver applications for US Consulates throughout the world.  We also assist with the preparation of those documents necessary to either immigrate to the United States or obtain a non-immigrant visa to come here.


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